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Devonport to Hobart - Tips?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by RustyO, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. So, I've got to go down to Hobart for work, and am mighty tempted to ride down there on my Ninja 250R.

    This will be (if I do it) my first serious road trip on the bike... :shock:

    The plan would be catch the ferry Saturday night, giving me a whole day to enjoy a nice long leisurely ride to Hobart.

    Return trip would be straight from work to Devonport for the 8pm ferry due to work commitments in Melbourne on Friday.

    So, the questions:

    How long is the ride straight from Hobart to Devonport? Will need to make sure that I leave work on the Thursday evening with plenty of time...

    Any top tips / directions / places to stop/eat for the Devonport to Hobart leg? So long as I get to Hobart by say, midnight, it will be ok.

    Any tips/notes/recommendations for the ferry?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. In a straight line, its around 3.5 hours?

    The long way is 500km and about 3/4 of a day's riding.

    we are down to 8 weeks before our trip. Looking forward to it.
  3. If you go down the guts on the highway it's quite a nice drive/ride even on the highway (ex Tasweigan). If you want a real ride, go Dev to Launceston on Frankford Rd (not Bass Hwy), Tasman Hwy to St Helens, down the east coast to Sorell, then on to Hobart. I did this exact drive last year in a car. The road from Laun to St Helens has some very nice twisties and hills :)

    That route is almost exactly 500 kms. Would be a nice days ride.
  4. I'm planning the same trip in January. Everyone keeps telling me to take the coast road - Devonport > St Helens > Mount Elephant > Bicheno >Freycinet part > Hobart

    Apparently Freycinet is pretty awesome and worth some tourist time off the bike (I know! It's a heresy!).

    Let us know which way you go.

  5. Go via Strachan.
  6. Devonport to Burnie, through to Somerset, up to Yolla then down through the Hellyer Gorge and on to Queenstown, then down to Hobart.

    About 500 awesome KMs.
  7. I did the trip in Jan this year, and one tip I had that really stands out now is about getting on the ship. If you haven't done it before, you need to go up a long ramp to get on board. The tip I had, as a new rider, was to wait at the bottom of the ramp until it was clear all the way to the top. Cars try to pass, because with auto trans they don't have a problem, but I just waited in the middle of the lane until it was clear at the top and then went. It may not seem like much, but for a new rider, stalling/starting on that ramp would be a real nightmare.

    Anyway, getting off is easy, and the ride to Hobart is easy too. A bit windy at 110 on a naked bike, but maybe OK for you. There's a nice breakfast stop at a Berry farm about 50 k from Devonport, Elizabeth Town from memory, then a lunch stop in Campbelltown and on into Hobart. I had a great time and memories and I'm sure you will too.
  8. According to Garmin, the distance is 512km :p

    That is the exact route planned for our first day on the Island.
  9. I'm counting down the days!!!
  10. is that all you got.. pfftt. can do that easily....
  11. I'm jealous - that will be an awesome ride! I'll have to get back down there one day to do Tas on my bike instead of the car like I normally do.
  12. If you ride the A3 from Launceston to St Helens, like I did today :p , you'll see a few of these signs...

  13. im saving up to do a simliar trip. got family in melb and hobart, so ride to melb from syd spend a couple days in melb the boat to hobart for few days then return the same way.

    i drempt (how the hell do u spell this word) of getting a new bike for ages and also of doing this trip. so hopefully only a matter of time.

    let me know how you end up going.
  14. The trip from Devonport to Hobart going direct is around 280 kilometres (3 hours) and if you stick to the highway is as boring a bats%#t. I reckon the best route would be to ride Devonport to Campbeltown (130k), then turn left onto the Lake Leake Road to Swansea (67k) and then follow the coastal highway to Hobart. The Lake Leake Road is well cambered, good surface and many good corners. The trip from Swansea to Hobart is scenic, reasonalbe surface, good corners although there are a fair few log trucks using the Highway.

    Enjoy the ride
  15. I just got the shakes when you mentioned Lake Leake road.

  16. Oh yeah!! I hear yah!! Lake Leake is a must, and quite manageable in your short time down here....enjoy!
    Tell us when you will be in Hobart, and we will meet up with you at Joes garage if you like.

  17. [quote="Twingirl"Oh yeah!! I hear yah!! Lake Leake is a must, and quite manageable in your short time down here....enjoy!
    Tell us when you will be in Hobart, and we will meet up with you at Joes garage if you like.


    There is no riding on the 21st as there will be too much blood in my alcohol ;)

    Tue 20th is Joe's Garage night for us lot ;)

    Be good to catch up with you Fleur ;)