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Devastating news about my bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ametha elf, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. My bike has had a grinding engine noise for several months. My hubby told me since the engine itself has plenty of power, the noise was just superficial and to ignore it, which I have done. I took it in to get a service today, and received the absolutely devastating news that the noise is the left hand main bearing which has almost totally collapsed. He also said it would be several thousand dollars to get it repaired, and there more than likely will be more wrong with the engine since the problem originated (we think) by it sitting untouched for 20 years in a warehouse in Japan before being imported here and onto us. This bike has only done 36,000 klms! He said I cant get a roadworthy for it, and because we really are badly off financially, another bike is not really in the picture at the moment. He told me not to ride it any more since the back wheel is very likely to sieze up. I really love this bike! I really live to ride! I just dont know what were going to do, since our lives revolve around our Sunday rides, and I definately dont want to go back riding pillion again.

  2. Oh no that's not good to hear. Damn a few thousand that will hurt. I used to hate car mechanics but now bike mechanics are likely to join that list.

    They seem to want to charge for anything & everything even when they perform a minor service they ask for ridiculous amounts like $250 - $350. For a car it costs $80 - $150.
  3. Time for a complete engine from a wrecker methinks. Almost always a cheaper option than a rebuild. What's the bike? I know it's a Virago but I can't remember what model. If it's an 1100, they're not that uncommon so the chances of finding a decent SH lump are good.
  4. +1 on sourcing a second hand engine. It will still cost though, obviously but would be less than a rebuild.
  5. I got a new motor for my old GS500 for half the price of a rebuild. Ring around and see what you can dig up.
  6. 2nd hand engines are cheaper but depending on what work gets done on the rebuild you are probably likley to get more k's out of it being "new" again.

    if you eventually rebuild. (stick it in the shed for a couple of months to save up)

    this is the perfect time for some tinkering with it. ie it gets rebuilt to become a virago 1250 or something
  7. Yeah id deffinatly look into a second hard motor. Me and my brother had a simmilar problem after his bike went pop.bang.oh.no. It took us a couple of weeks but we swapped the motor ourselves. great learning curve and his bikes all the better for it.

    i wouldnt pannick untill you check all your options
  8. Well that just sux a big fatty. Sorry to hear the bad news :(

    Don't know if there are any NR type folk up there that can help out with some mechanical knowledge? There's a few down here that like to chip in and help when it counts.

    Anyway don't give up on it yet, do some more research, you never know.

    Try this for second hand parts....

  9. +1 on the 2nd hand engine. Yamaha sold 4 gazillion of them things so there should be plenty of spare donks around.

    +1 on findapart, too.
  10. contact Cash & Co Motorcycle Wreckers, St Marys in Sydney, a friendly lady Netrider works there and will do her best to help you .... (02) 9623 3699
  11. Wow, thanks for all your quick responses! Hornet, I contacted Cash n Co, they couldnt help but gave me another Sydney number, they too couldnt help. I have also rung the biggest bike wreckers up here in Brisbane, again, no luck. (its a 1986 import engine) I think we will just have to live on bread and water and get another bike because I just cannot cope with the thought of not having one!
  12. Damn! You've had some great suggestions, I hope the budget will stretch that far.

    I guess there's an important lesson in this for all of us, NO unusual noise should be ignored.
  13. Yeah, damn those bike mechanics! Identifying a potentially dangerous fault and warning the customer is bad enough, but wanting to be paid a living wage if asked to fix it is daylight robbery!
  14. Except Loz's farts.

    Actually on second thoughts, don't ignore those either.
  15. :rofl: Thanks bro, I needed that laugh! :rofl:
  16. Although the bike might be an '86, Yamaha built them for decades without major changes. Much more recent engines should fit, or be pretty close.
  17. If you find a used engine and 1) feel up to it, 2) have the means to transport the rolling frame... consider pulling the dud motor out yourself at home - will save a few hundred on labour for the swap and isn't a hugely complicated exercise.

    Just a thought. Hope you can get her up and running again soon.
  18. Im with you roh. We should turn our attention from beating indian students and re-focus it on seeking out skilled and qualified bike mechanics and start pulverising them for even thinking of charging any motorcyclist any amount of money for servicing or repairing their motorcycles. That would show those bastards for trying to earn a decent living.
  19. thats it... just dont charge $307 for $71 (retail) worth of oil and filter and $0.01cents worth of ink to stamp a logbook.

    i understand the cost of labour and the facilities and management and have had mainly great experiences with pete at least but dont tell me you need to stand there and watch the oil drain out for 1.5hrs without doing something else just to make sure its right.

    still everyones goto earn a living and there should be more "non-dealer" bike mechanics out there
  20. When I blew up my first bike's first motor, I ended up buying a new engine and doing the swap myself. I only knew the extreme basics of spinning spanners and wah-la, 5 hours to remove the dead one, 5 hours to install the new one - 5 seconds air time on a round about that night at the MR and it was stuffed again until the next day.

    All I did was label in detail all the bits and bolts I removed and in what order - then worked backwards. I was working week on week off so I needed to as the engine remove and engine replace was 10 days apart.

    Look into it - good luck.