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Devastated. Lost license for a little inattention

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Hey netriders,

    I will lose my license for 1 month starting 4/12/07-4/01/07. I was pinged doing 108km/h (alleged 106km/h cause they remove 2km/h) in an 80km/h zone. I didnt know this area.

    I was in a 100 km/h zone and didnt notice it dropped to an 80 zone somewhere back. The policeman who was driving the opposite direction got my speed from his car mounted radar gun. These are the ones that catch you when they are driving along.

    All i can say is that i am devastated. I have never, ever, ever had one single speeding fine. Never lost a point in my entire driving/riding history. This police guy wouldnt cut me some slack!

    Oh well, looks like im taking up cycling for a month :(

    A couple of questions though:

    1) Can i plead guilty in court and be heard out?
    2) How the hell are moving radar guns on cars accurate?
    3) I am a poor uni student who cannot afford the fine, can it be reduced with my plead to the courts?
    4) My job can involve me consulting clients. Can i apply for consideration for work hardship?

    Please refrain from attacking me as I am merely seeking some guidance. I was clearly not a hoon asking for it!

  2. You missed teh sign. Everyone has done it. Pay the fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Firstly, those radars are accurate from a klm away on a fine day.. :shock:

    Secondly, i agree it sucks, but you must pay more attention..

    Now, when was your last fine, if any at all ?
  4. They are hitting him with the over 25kph rule of 1 Month suspension.

    You are allowed 200 meters to change speed (decreasing of course). So could argue that the device got him on the threshold!?
  5. Similar situation as me mate. Sucks, as it was the first time I've sped on a main road more than 10kmh!

    I'm a cheap bastard though, so I'm delaying it for as long as possible.
  6. I'd love to know how this works.

    You'd need to know the exact speed of said car carrying the radar, which even if you did know, how can you garuantee both objects are approaching each other directly head-on for an accurate reading? How do they measure the speed of the police car, surely not by the speedo? Not much better with the GPS either as it they only update about once every 2 seconds.

    Sounds like a guesstimation to me. Would have to be even less reliable than a stationary radar - and we all know how accurate they are :roll:
  7. the roadspeed of the police vehicle is calculated and calibrated via either
    a) a flow meter, hooked to the speed sensor (which is just a pulse generator) these are calibrated on a regular basis, and can be calibrated to within 1/1000 m/s
    b) tailshaft sensor, which generates a pulse and then talks to the same flow meter.

    if you are aware of the calculation of approach or exchange of speed considering elevation, and change thereof, you will know that should the moving vehicles be approaching at either an incline or a decline, the radar or lidar will reflect a speed that is actually LESS that what you are doing. you can demonstrate this with vectors.

    how the hell would i know? i have the same setup, less the lidar/radar for measuring/designing roadworks. i can only ever be bothered calibrating mine to within the +/-5cm over 100m
  8. you could argue that there was a bird close to you. ask the judge to see the picture which i bet the policeman won't have one
  9. Guys, It's official.

    Joel knows how tricky stuff works! :LOL:
  10. Hey blue14.

    I have never had a speeding fine. I have not lost a single point for any infringement.

    Watch out guys, im gonna be the next lance armstrong after riding my pushy 35k's to work and 35'ks home each day.

    It sucks, now i just got to deal with the parents :( .... im gonna get the 'im not angry, im just disappointed' thing
  11. If you've never had a speeding fine or traffic infringement since you started driving/riding (4 years???) you should at least ask for that to be taken into consideration.

    {That said the situation may be different in Vic than it is in NSW ?}
  12. Mate i have sent you a PM..
  13. Lol, when I got my speeding fine the parents just laughed and said I told you so!
  14. Bad luck disk_1, you may be able to plead for consideration on your previous driving/riding history but this is not as forthcoming as it once was. Give it a go what can you lose. Write a letter explaining you did not see the change of speed zone and asking for consideration based on your previous history. There are usually 2 sets of speed change signs. If you were pinged between the first and second set you may have a chance. If you were pinged after the second set then your chances are slim.

    In any case you should be able to get delayed payment options because you are a student.

    Good Luck.
  15. The last infringements i got i just kept calling and asking for an extension. They kept letting me do it for some reason and eventually it got outside the timeframe in the statute of limitations or whatever so i didnt have to pay them... Thats how incomptetent they are at the SDRO... hopeless.

    If you havent got the cash id just extend it a couple of times...

    Personally i have no dramas with speeding depending on the road conditions. But for me the fact that you missed the sign is a little worrying. Then again we all make mistakes so goodluck with it all dude...
  16. Dude, if your profile is correct you're only 21, that's not much of a history to fall back on. And just because you've never had a fine surely doesn't mean you've never sped?
    Whenever I get a speeding fine, I just think of all those times I did it and didn't get caught, and pay the fine.

    You didn't see the sign? So as a driver, you're saying you're incompetent, rather than ignorant, which you would be if you just ignored the speed decrease? I'm not sure that's a good defence either mate.

    Pay the fine.
  17. note- if you told the officer, that you failed to see the speed sign, it will have been recorded and/or noted. this will be used against you, should you elect to have it heard in court.
    im not saying that you will lose, because last time i thought "sure as shit" a fellow NR was gone for all money, she pretty much got off :shock:
    just think of exactly what you are up against, and make sure that if you are going to challenge it or plead for leniency, that you are also prepared to be shot down and have to wear the maximum fine, court costs etc.
    sending a letter never hurt though :)
  18. firstly


    pleading innocent means ya calling the cop a lier. guilty with explanation is the way to go

    now, if ya gunna go to court it depends on the judge on the day and could, at he very worst, cost an addition $52 bucks if the fine still stands as much as the ticket [which it most likely wont]

    you cant afford it??? GO TO COURT!

    firstly, there's PLENTY of occations where they let everyone off on the day because they cannot cope with the numbers

    secondly, build you DEFFENSE

    1] take a photo of the sign if there is good reason for you not to notice such as a tree covering. you never know, there may not even be a sign

    2] dont worry too much about what he ^^^ said. you're not ignorant, you're new to driving and still learning....get it?

    3] speed limit signs serve as a warning to you [be sure to mention that on the day] followed by reason for you not to notice

    4] if prompted admit to exceeding limit whenever over taking. dont talk to the judge like his a moron

    5] judges are x cops so be extra nice about the cop and how he was just doing his job, and how happy you are that the police force keep the roads safe, esp for motorcyclist

    6] the last time i checked section 552 is the one for you to go for. that means 'person thought they were obaying rules at the time. its your OPEN DOOR to the words "case dismissed"

    7] dont expect to be completely let off the hook than anything. you may only get a reduced sentence such as [fine, no loss of license, or loss of license no fine]

    if you really need your license for uni or work [no alternative such as a bus] then they will give it straight back, even if ya kill a person

    8] if you want to pay your dept in some other way you would most likely have that option if you cry poor. councilling wont help unless it's unpaid. offer up 'community service' which is appointed to you by the judge. if you are anything like me and have done 7 years volunteer work, then you're in the clear of any service but ya have to ask to do service before they can say 'dont worry about it' or 'i'll give you 10 hrs of it'

    cheers, good luck, and let me know how you go
  19. One month's no big deal.

    I suggest in future you become a hoon who is asking for it, at least then you won't feel so hard done by.
  20. wrong.
    there is an "on the spot fine", and then there is a "maximum fine" that can be handed down by a magistrate.
    often the difference is in the thousands :!:
    ummm, no. each case is heard for its own merit.

    yes, maybe, worth a look.

    bad, bad BAD advice.
    you never admit to being inadequately trained to be operating a vehicle, in the capacity that you are licenced.

    wrong again.
    speed limits are a regulatory sign that must be obeyed by all road users, excepting emergency vehicles. there is no leniency for this.

    wrong, yet again.
    maybe a few are, however this is not the norm on the planet that most of us live on ;)

    yeah, umm, good luck with that one on a speeding offence. even without noticing the change to 80km/h you are above the state limit. the judge will sense that you are pissing in his pocket.

    that is called a section 10. this is not available with a speeding fine. end of story. how do i know? august 04.
    you can get one for DUI, but for speeding.....no.
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