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DeuSexMachina: Parramatta Rd Camperdown NSW

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by G, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. I like visiting Sydney. It's pumped.
    I had plans to travel along the Parramatta Road to visit Deusexmachina and Ducati Sydney in Homebush. Little did I know that this would involve more than one form of transport.
    Essentially, the shop is on opposite the far West corner of Sydney Uni and Prince Alfred hospital.
    It is on the corner in what must once have been two adjoining shops.
    The people at the Info booth near Town Hall were very helpful. So after catching one bus to Leichardt and then another to somewhere else I ended up at DeuSexmachina. A groovy white two storey establishment on the corner of Parramatta and Missenden Roads, opposite a far corner of Sydney Uni.
    It was early in the afternoon, I was hungry literally and figuratively. I had consulted a local whilst changing buses and mentioned my pilgrimage destination. He know of this place and suggested that the coffe was excellent. Sounds like the place.
    On the right I could see bikes on the left wooden blinds in the windows and a promising sign; meals.
    I stepped through the door and was taken aback by the energy emitted from the place. (Not unlike a visit to the ceremonial house at Waitangi NZ.) Hey it was a hot day.
    Immediately, I recognised the marks of a Temple of :cool: and fragrances of Fine food. Something for which I had hoped. I was in need of sustenance before ogling the machinery.
    There was a fair patronage with many evidently inner city grooover types. Think Ignatius Jones. I order my Thai Duck salad and Earl Gray Tea and whilst waiting I perused the Hunwick Hallam race and street machines. Tasty.
    I could see through into the showroom as I feasted on my lunch. Anticipation.
    Next, it was through the glass doors and into the Temple.
    It was neo yet retro. A mixture of classics old Duke singles, Manx Nortons, Harleys and the new SR400s treated by Japanese enthusiasts and transformed into cafe racers and street funk fashionista fare and a Ducati MHR Eveluzione from 2000. On this day a photographer was shooting pictures to go in the MC broadsheet cycleTorque (I believe).
    Being a relatively frequent visitor of the Melb Tech Book Shop in the Swanston St days, I was interested to see what was in their book collection. Besides the usual, I noted a number of interesting toems which included a Japanese enthusiasts book on the Yamaha SR 4/500. Various art-fashion style books via Japan on the history of helmets, leather and motorcycle jackets. The floor manager was extremely helpful and mentioned that these will be placed on their website in the near future.
    As some of you may be aware, there have been pictures of their more recently released custom jobs inclding the TW200 and Triumph Bonneville, it was fascinating to see them in real life. Seriously :cool:.
    In terms of gear they have various retro type stuff like the Chairman type goggles and gloves from the US. It had been a while since I'd seen Vanson jackets and I was interested to feel they quality of leather and armour installed.
    One of their main drawcards is their unique Tshirts and caps. I guess that this is where the Mambo influence comes in. There are some very groovy designs there. Unfortunately for me the latest batch were too small for me. The very helpful shop assistant mentioned that they plan for them to become available in Victoria through the Beach.* stores, one of which is at Crown, in the future.
    Well that's about it from me. If you get the opportunity to make the pilgrimage, I'd suggest it's worth the effort.
    My next stop was Ducati Sydney in Homebush.

  2. I picked up a December edition of CycleTorque and it has a two page spread on the shop.
  3. heh heh

    Your typing creates an interesting (albeit unintended) humorous bent on the shop's name, G.

    It's Deus Ex Machina; the shop is too far to the West of the CBD to be involved in the Sex industry :LOL: