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deus v-twin festival

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by sbb, May 15, 2011.

  1. great shots. What film where you using. It is quite desaturated but suits the subjects very nicely.
  2. Nice shots! Was going to say, looks like cross processed slide film, and voila! It was.
    My missus shoots alot of her stuff on slide film.

    Fuji Velvia?
  3. hand held or tripod ?
    I dabble in medium format in the form of an 645 super and a C3 TLR....fun fun cameras to setup and use. Feel almost organic - heavy metallic but very hand made very classic.
    Also get fantastic shots !
  4. yeah it was cross processed agfa slide film ...

    taken with my 'Russian Bride'


    all handheld ..

    would like a focussable medium format .. currently just got a holga (which i got before they were trendy) and an old Bakelite Pefekta german thing (my favourite camera

  5. look at a mamiya 645 super or similar - can get a kit (finder body and lens) for about $300-500 with extras likely. Its a fantastic camera that does well handheld.It isnt metered but a deft eye and the correct film speed you are laughing

  6. 645 is so small :)
    pentax 6x7 is where it is at!