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Deus TW200 - **NOW FORSALE**

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by TW200DEUS, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Edit - Will be in bikesales soon enough but thought I'd give members a go first.. Stage 2 Deus with 12 months rego. Unfortunately I'm finding it a little difficult solely having a bike as my only mode of transport. Can't have both... very sad to see her go. $11,000

    Hey all, new to the board and a new rider for that matter! After checking out some of the Deus bikes in Camperdown I fell in love and had to have one! Being a surfer it was the only thing stopping me ditching the car and getting a bike (and the danger factor) but was pretty happy to see they could mod the TW200's to have a surf rack (legally).
    I know, I know, they are over the top expensive, but I figure that with Yamaha ending production on the TW200's (for now) it won't lose too much value and seriously, who cares - I like it. Anyway, got the bike I wanted, love it, riding with the surfboard is a little tricky (especially when putting the foot down after braking) and when the wind picks up, but as I said, loving it! Will update with pics as soon as I have more posts under my belt...
    BTW, any other Deus'ers on here?
  2. Re: Deus TW200

    Mate that's all that matters! Welcome to NR.
  3. Congrats, on the TW200

    Look forward to some pics.
  4. I'm reasonably new to bikes and I just can't imagine how/where the rack is. Would love to see a photo of the bike with the surf rack loaded if you get the time to put a photo up
  5. Love the bike but the rack scares the hell out of me!
    Side winds can blow me from one side of the lane to the other without the additional wing on the side. Good luck, hope it works
  6. Welcome to Netrider, TW :).

    Let me first of all invite you to read the Terms and Conditions of the forum; that's the link below the message box in "Post a Reply". This is a pretty free and easy place, but a knowledge of the Ts&Cs will make for a quieter life for you :).

    And, yes, pictures are required, nay DEMANDED!!! I've seen the surfboard 'trailers' that the kids on pushbikes use, but I join escapadebabe in scratching my head as to how you carry a surfboard on a bike :?.
  7. +1 OMG - I don't think I'd be that brave....

    Congrats on the bike and yes, we still need the photo's (prefereably 2 - 1 for the bike and one for it loaded up) so get snapping and chuck them up :grin:
  8. OMG That is hilarious - I made that exact face after checking the surf peg link out. :D It is exactly in the same position as that but the difference is I would never in a million years try and ride with a 10 foot board - the weight of the board alone is enough to make you topple (let alone the slightest of breezes!). I ride a 6,2 and although I've only ridden on a mild wind days... so far so good. You just need to factor it in when riding (and not ride in over 60 zones) etc
    A few more posts and pics will be up - stay tuned!
  9. Hey tw200 would like to check out the surf rack to see how it was made if ya got the time sometime. Did you buy the one from deus or from someone else. Congrats on the bike Im sure your gonna love it best thing to ride around your local. Pil
  10. Hi Pil - not a problem mate. We can meet up one of these days around Main street Manly if you like. I did buy the one from Deus and don't think it would take much for some one like your self to make. Going to try and post pics of the bike now.
  11. Finally... PICS!!



  12. Wow - she looks great :grin:

    How easily does the rack come off if you just wanna go for a cruise?

    I think I might stick to the cage for my surfboard - I'm a newbie to surfing and Motorbikes and I don't think the Mini-Mal and the VTR will ever meet :wink:

    Congrats again
  13. Thanks Dee - It takes a couple of seconds to remove the rack simply a couple of bolts and she's good to go. Going to drill in a couple of padlock size holes for it though - Paid too much for someone to simply remove it from the bike.
    If your ever heading to Manly for a surf keep a look out for the bike ;)
  14. Dude that is looking very cool, photos now Ktulu will be happy. Why not modify the title with "Pictures added"?? :cool:
  15. Done and done! :cool:
  16. you can see the display for deus ex at the virgin domestic terminal of sydney airport (apparently motorbike culture is trendy with the kids at the moment)
    it's definately different, i think it's good looking and ugly as hell at the same time.
    when i was in hawaii, there were plenty of scooters with surfboard racks. worked for them
  17. Thanks for the pics

    So how much $$ for the racks and how long is your board?
  18. The rack was $800 (ouch - yes I know), and board is 6,3 long. Any surfers going in the redbull heli challenge tomorrow? :D