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Deus styled SR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Roarin, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Seen a few threads about building Deus styled Cafe racers, was out for lunch with my Lovely, spotted this, so thought I'd post up a couple of pickies to massage the imagination glands.

  2. [​IMG]

    Never spoke to the owner in regards as to where he sourced his parts, so it's now up to you's :)
  3. I like,
    except for the tyres..
  4. Tyres are rubbish (though probably very expensive "classic" items) and ugly. Not even TT100 replicas. Might as well have modern rubber.

    The rest is nice though. Even shows some signs of use.
  5. I like that, but then again, the Grievous Angel is the only Deus Custom that I do like, so no suprises there...

    Deus GR.
  6. Where do they get those short reverse cone mufflers from?
  7. looks like a heap of shit to me
  8. Why does the triple clamp have so many holes and what are the 2 things sticking out on the outer ones?
    uncle I'd say give Deus in Syd a call & they may be willing to share the info with you.
  9. I bet it runs like a bag of shit if it rains with the rear wheel splash running straight into the carby intake, but then you wouldnt ride it in the rain with those stinkin tyres on it anyway!

    You would say its an "individuals bike", but then it just looks like all the other silly overpriced Deus bollocks so, I gues that just makes it a (limp) (dry weather) (inner city) posers bike!

    Grievous Angel! Phttt, they should call it the "Thousand Dollar Wedding". Gram Parsons would roll in his grave!
  10. It's got a "Single Obsession" sticker on the tank which suggests it might have been built or attended to at some point by Andy Brebner in Seymour.

    I agree about questioning the carb intake. And I'm always ready to rubbish a look-at-the-expression-of-my-bank-account bike - a contempt for any show of money is very healthy. But this isn't bad at all I reckon. I'm a bit sick of the ubiquitous cafe racer trend, but this fellow's quite possibly done this himself, and he hasn't done too bad a job I reckon. He's produced a good-looking bike, and it looks like he actually rides it. Don't forget: before Deus, there were a lot of backyard cafed SRs. This looks like an example of that. Deus just cottoned on to what people had been doing for 30 years, and created a commercial trend for a few years, but the other - cult? - came first and will outlast Deus.

    ResmeN, those holes are where the handlebar clamps go. They're empty because clip ons have been fitted. The two outer things are the fork caps.
  11. No idea sorry... Deus would likely sell you one for a price.

    Don't get me wrong, no way I'm spending the 20K they want for it on that bike, I could do it for 10K & still have enough left over for a cheap supersport.
  12. A mate of mine reckons "A Flock Of Seagulls" was the most significant band of the last quarter of twentieth century because they represented the first triumph of form over function. It was all about the haircuts not the music.

    When I see these things and I look at the tyres, the carb thing, the triple clamp (which would flex like buggery probably without the bars mounted there as intended) and I just think...Flock of Seagulls!

    I havent had a haircut for about twenty years either!
  13. Already conceded. They're rubbish and ugly. I can only assume they were chosen by somebody who thought they needed something that looked "classic" but hadn't a clue what "classic" should look like on this style of bike.

    At least it's got an air filter as a concession to practicality and, in reality, most pod filtered bikes run like crap in the rain without elaborate shielding arrangements. No reason to pick on this one specifically

    Doubt it. Not more than stock anyway. Those holes would have had big rubber bushes in which wouldn't add much stiffness.

    Most bikes are crap at something. Most backyard specials are crap at nearly everything and many are hideous as well. Apart from the tyres, this one should be pretty good fun on a dry, twisty road. Plenty of factory bikes don't get used anywhere else either.
  14. Fair enuff PatB. Different strokes..... I'm still thinkin "Flock Of Seagulls".

    Dont get me wrong, I love art for arts sake and admire beautiful looking things as much as the next person, but there is a realistic limit to what works and what doesnt in the real world.

    You know, if that was mine and it spat me off on the Missenden Rd roundabout and I ended up under a bus, I'd be sitting in heaven (sure!) having a long hard think about it and I'd pretty much feel like someone who ate the Mona Lisa and then died of lead poisoning! :)
  15. My dislike for that riding position aside, I can say from an SR-ownership perspective that this bike would be one of the most fun things out there to ride. The tyres won't be that bad - I've spent enough time on bald tyres and ultra-cheapo tyres to know - and the handling wouldn't be that bad. Perhaps it's no worse than my SR on which I've always had utterly stuffed head bearings - never gotten around to fixing them, but ridden lots of miles on them. I'd certainly be safer on that bike than on my old SR185, on which I first really got into doing longer trips.

    It could have been QuarterWit's bike photographed (his is far better, but it's a later model that's been a long time a work in progress) and people might have said the same things. How many times now has he ridden it between Melbourne and Sydney? And how much bloody fun is it to ride (even before he doubled the power at the rear wheel - nowadays it's the best bike I've ever ridden for smiles that go deep into your gut).

    Maybe that bike is a work in progress too.... But whatever we want to say about the trendiness of Deus (and the wank is strong with this one), remember not to get caught in the alternative group trendiness: that one has to bag anything associated with Deus. And, as I said above about the independance of SR tradition from Deus. At the end of the day, this bike is no more dangerous than anything else from it's era, and I suspect it passes the most important motorcycle litmus test: it's owner finds it oh so fun to ride.
  16. I'm with MattB - bagging out Deus these days is more of a wank than liking them. Yep, we established in 2005 they are fargin' expensive, but they sell shiteloads to inner city types with loads of money. That customer annoys me no more than outer suburb types with money - who buy things much less pretty.

    It could be argued that a litre bike is as much of a "Flock of Seagulls" for 99% of riders anyway. (Love that analagy)

    Deus don't sell that pipe any more. It was as quiet as stock exhaust, had to be pulled off when changing the oil (I get caught up in boring details like this) and more than one person ripped it off hitting a speed hump. It was around $700 and could still be sourced in Japan. Fat little megaphones like that are available for cheap off ebay, or better quality from Bratstyle or similar in Japan.
  17. Glad to see the comments from MattB and QuarterWit regarding Deus. I am not likely to buy a bike from them but I am likely to build bike based on what I see them do with bikes, and I may buy parts from Deus in the future too.

    Either way they are good at what they do and because of that they fetch a good price - fair enough.

    I like the bike on this thread, although I think the paint on the rims may not last all that long.

    And I will look at Bratstyle for shorties, although the next project will probably have a straight pipe.
  18. Oh Ok, I was probably being a little harsh! I actually quite like both the subject bike as well as the Grievous Angel. I'm a lifelong cafe racer nut and I have a monumental collection of Classic Bike, Classic Racer, The Classic Motorcyle etc etc etc... But, I doubt I would buy or ride either of these two.

    I kind of missed the last 5 years of Deus bagging, (so I am not prepared to accept the wanker title quite yet! - sure I will eventually) and to be honest, I live very happily in a cultural void and I've pretty much only come accross them plastered around shops in the (very expensive!) Sydney Airport retail precinct, and noticed the workshop in Camperdown as well as seeing people wearing the T shirts!

    Point is though, that I noticed! As someone pointed out earlier, they are excellent marketers and personally, as someone who has spent the last 8 years building a business, I'm insanely jealous! Good luck to em too. Its a great "brand". For every bike they sell, someone is not buying a new harley or a hondaa or whatever.... But, I'm just more a fan of their business acumen than i am of their products probably....

    I like to try and look past the subjective elements of things (in this case the styling) and look more closely at the objective criteria (the stayin alive bits!), and on that basis, I'm not a fan of the subject bike, and the exhaust comments etc re the Deus would probably be on a list of things I would find well,... a little less than desirable! on that as well if I went into it.....

    I live on a loooong twisty bit of road out in the bush that blokes (and ladies) from the inner city with the $20K+ or whatever for a Deus, spend their weekends searching for in order to enjoy their bikes, so my everyday riding experience is absolutely in that environment, and its all legal 100Kmh country but twisty, so its often flat out! and well, thats where my priorities lie. Stayin alive. Oh, and pushing it home less too. Ive done plenty of that.

    I'd cetainly rather look at a Deus than an '86 SR500 thats for sure, and good luck to anyone with the readies to fork out for one. Better luck still to those with the skill, patience and resources to put it together themselves. That, as MattB pointed out earlier, is a much more valuable and rewarding thing.

    Oh, and I am Gram Parsons fan as well, and just a little jealous (again), that they have managed to purloin one his song titles (its actually the Album Title) and make a shitload of money out of it. Bastards!!Why cant I do that? Thinkin, thinkin, thinkin..... :)
  19. Ged, they've lived by the sword (trendiness) and it seems to me that now that black is the new chrome and bagging Deus the new cool, that they might die by the sword. Not a long term business approach that. Though i'm sure they can evolve. Fact is, if I had the cash to spend on a Duc or Victory, I'd rather a Deus special. Once we look past the wank, Deus are a bike shop doing cool and fun customs. In years to come they'll have legendary status on the retro scene: "There used to be this cool custom shop..." Just like the shit (in all senses) from '80s is gaining attraction; God I'd love a plastic maggot special with a pleated king and queen seat.
  20. Thanks for the explanation.