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Deus SR400 TT

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattb, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. An article in Bikepoint about Deus Ex Machina's SR400 TT:


    NB the short comment on singles at the end, which is the best bit:

    "The quintessential motorcycling experience is already happening as you fire up a four-stroke single. With a physical linkage between your foot and the piston, you can feel the inertia of the crank and then the meaty four-stroke compression, as you bring it up to top-dead-centre. Ease it over compression and then go for the big prod. It's special every time you hear it fire then bark into life. And you know you did it. You're feeling good even before you slip it into gear.

    Then, as you ride, you hear the thing breathing in through its carby and exhaling the hot exhaust gases. There's the smell of the fuel that's being converted to motion and heat. And you can hear the quality of the firing impulses - you can even feel them.

    When you punch it up to the next gear you can hear the note change as it takes up the extra load - not the drop in revs; it's the deepening of the tone. A single really talks to you personally, in subtle ways. Multi-cylinders just chatter away amongst themselves, indifferent to your presence."
  2. I've always liked the Dues Ex bikes, I especially like what they've done to the TW200's, but as mentioned in the article, why buy one of those when you can get the Triumph Thruxton or similar and still have money left over? I'd be leaning towards the Triumph personally.
  3. I love what they're doing with them too, pity theirs cost so much.
  4. It's very nice, but it's very similar to the BSA 'Gold SR' that BSA Regal are/were making


    Seems that even 45 years on the Goldy image sells