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Deus ex machina replica project - advice +++ wanted?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Carnaby, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm looking to get an sr400 and work it up toward looking and performing something like a deus but for way less than ~$30k. I'm aiming for something like an sr400 TT, SR400 manx or Grevious Angel even: http://www.deus.com.au/#/bikes/motorcycles/customs/

    A few questions:
    How do I buy an sr400 in Melbourne that isn't a dodgy rip-off?

    Can anyone recommend a bike mechanic in Melbourne to help with lots of the work? - I don't have the skill, tools, time or garage space to do more that the simple bolt on stuff safely.

    Does anyone have experience with good sites from Japan to import various bits and pieces?

    I'm thinking of starting getting a racer seat and blasted tank as the first mods (so it looks cool at least since I am basically just a noobie poser), what should I do next?

    How can I make it sound anything like a ducati with termis? (I realise this is kind of a ridiculous question).

    What mods would best affect performance, particularly handling? - power/ speed is not a priority.

    Or do I just work some extra overtime, buy an SR400 Rocker (http://www.deus.com.au/#/bikes/motorcycles/customs/deus-sr400-rocker/)
    for about $20k, get used to it and then start customising slowly... As pricey as the deus' are, at least resale is much stronger than a home custom job, no?

    This will be almost my first bike and yes I do have more dollars than sense.

    Thanks for any input
  2. I think Mattb, and Chairman, may have some advice, borne of experience, of the legendary Yamaha singles :LOL:
  3. Deus resale values are still pretty poor.

    To get an SR handling it's pretty straight forward. You'll need some stiffer front springs, some heavier oil and some new rear shocks. Good tyres are really important too - not those balloon firestones you see everywhere.

    There's a guy called Craig who's done some work on my bike - cut and shut bits of the frame, made up electrical bits and peices and seems to be doing a lot of work on SR's these days. He'd be the guy you're after I guess.

    Dunno about buying a non-dodgy SR at the moment. I haven't had a look recently but there seem to be tons of SR's for sale in Melbourne.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.