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Deus ex machina copy - advice wanted.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Carnaby, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Following a polite request to re-post in the appropriate section, and thanks to those who've already chimed in.

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to get an sr400 and work it up toward looking and performing something like a deus but for way less than ~$30k. I'm aiming for something like an sr400 TT, SR400 manx or Grevious Angel even: http://www.deus.com.au/#/bikes/motorcycles/customs/

    A few questions:
    How do I buy an sr400 in Melbourne that isn't a dodgy rip-off?

    Can anyone recommend a bike mechanic in Melbourne to help with lots of the work? - I don't have the skill, tools, time or garage space to do more that the simple bolt on stuff safely.

    Does anyone have experience with good sites from Japan to import various bits and pieces?

    I'm thinking of starting getting a racer seat and blasted tank as the first mods (so it looks cool at least since I am basically just a noobie poser), what should I do next?

    How can I make it sound anything like a ducati with termis? (I realise this is kind of a ridiculous question).

    What mods would best affect performance, particularly handling? - power/ speed is not a priority.

    Or do I just work some extra overtime, buy an SR400 Rocker (http://www.deus.com.au/#/bikes/motor...-sr400-rocker/)
    for about $20k, get used to it and then start customising slowly... As pricey as the deus' are, at least resale is much stronger than a home custom job, no?

    This will be almost my first bike and yes I do have more dollars than sense.

    Thanks for any input
  2. Well,

    From my own personal experience looking for good help in Melbourne, I would strongly recommend:

    1/. Craig at The Mischief Makers


    2/. Christian at Modern Motor Cycle Company


    Both of these fine gents are working on my CB750 cafe racer build.

    The SR is a lovely bike and so popular now you will be competing not only with every other keen rider, but with places like Deus who are probably buying all the SR's they can find. You might need to think outside the square as to what you could use as a starter bike for a custom build. I reckon that there is still an untapped source of project bikes in the older farm bikes you see for sale. Some of them use a lot of the same gear as their road bike equivalents.

    Find the time to go see Christian in his workshop in Collingwood and have a chat to him about bikes. Don't be afraid to do some of the work yourself and then get expertise from people like Christian and Craig when you need it. My project is the first bike I have done anything other than put fuel in - I am not worried about resale as I will have the work of two good Melbourne custom bike builders in my bike.

    PM me if you want Craig's mobile number.
  3. If you're after handling you'll need to spend a bit of money and time. Not a whole lot - but the stock set up is very soft. Great for plodding through the countryside but when you start hitting corners hard it's pretty deficient.

    I fitted some Ikons on the rear and changed the oil to 15w with some new progressive springs and it felt a whole bunch better. I also fitted a steering damper... but it's switched off most of the time anyway. The changes made a world of difference to the bike. It actually handled well and didn't dive like buggery when you went into a corner. I've changed to Ohlins front and back recently and it's better still.

    Good tyres make a world of difference as well. The firestones that people put on them look great, but handle like shit.

    You'll never get it sounding like a duke, until you add an extra cylinder, cam, new valves etc but with a decent pipe it'll do a decent impression of a 450 desmo.

    Most of the mods... in fact just about all of them that you see on most of the deus bikes are bolt on/off. You won't need any special tools or even knowledge to do them. For chopping/cutting welding there is a guy in Melbourne who does some great stuff with SR's and he's really affordable.

    There's nothing too exciting about that rocker at all. With a 80's model SR you could easily have one together for under 10k. But it won't be based on a nice 2004- model bike.
  4. Ooop, just saw the previous post. Craig is the guy I was referring too. Can't recommend him enough.
  5. You might want to consider a Sachs Roadster. If you can find one, based on what they went for new, I'd expect to get one for not much (if any) more than a decent SR and you get a bigger, more modern engine and decent caff-racerish looks as a starting point.

    Edit: Ah yes, here's one just nicely run in

    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...D4C8317E0&__Nne=15&__Qpb=true&seot=1&__N=1433 1429 1428 4294966338 4294956545&silo=1400

    I think my memory might have played me false regarding the styling though.
  6. Hey Patb! I used to love the idea of those Sachs roadsters, until I spoke to two guys that owned one. Their experience was "kickarse bike... doesn't run though". Both were having huge problems sourcing really basic parts. One guy was after the carb butterfly (I think) and couldn't find one at all. Another guy was after another replacement part and couldn't find it either. I think it was a bracket or something simple like that. They found the same problem on UK-based forums too... and I would have thought they'd have much better luck over there than here. Shame, great idea on paper.
  7. That's odd about the reliability, as I understood the engine was ex Suzuki DR, so should be bullet proof...
  8. Fair enough. I've wondered about non-engine parts availability for what is a minority bike. I've previously assumed it was a parts bin special so cycle parts could be sourced from elsewhere. I'm surprised at lack of availability of carby parts though as I thought all engine related bits would be bone stock DR.
  9. Yeah, I've got no doubts the donk is fantastic, but the people I spoke to had problems with the other bits.

    That's why I remembered it was a carb thing, PatB. Struck me as bizarre that they wouldn't use the tried and tested parts. Shame, because I really wouldn't mind one in my garage.
  10. A number of your questions have been answered. As others said, Craig is great!

    What do you mean by dodgy: Price? Condition? Complianced? It’s not hard to get a decent bike, esp if you’ve got cash. There’s a grey import mob in Melbourne.


    Or how about you put your money in a pile, I’ll provide some free petrol, and we set fire to it?

    Or I'll sell you my SR for $10k ;)

  11. Why not look at Kawasakis W800 ?
    They are about ten grand ( I have been told) NEW , and screaming to be cafe'd out.

    cheers michael
  12. I think the OP is still under LAMS restriction.

    Might be my next bike, that one. Gorgeous bit of kit.
  13. Will do, thanks.
  14. Still trying to figure out quotes but you get the idea... !
  15. Amazing projects right there indeed.
  16. By dodgy, I mean overpriced with the clock wound back and cheap replacement parts and a respray to make chumps like me think the bike is in great shape. There's probably a post elsewhere on what to look for on a grey import I assume...

    Is your SR actually for sale? Send me a pic.. And I'll take the free petrol at least. It sounds like there is no need to donate money to deus after all, with a bit of time, patience and this guy Craig that everyone raves about.

  17. I understand the attraction of the cafe look, but I can't believe anyone would consider "buy an SR400 Rocker [...] for about $20k, get used to it and then start customising slowly..." if a W800 is $10k ish. A 20yr old POS vs a new bike at half the price, spend up on mods and still cost less?????????
    He's on restrictions? Buy a GS500 to run around on until he's off 'em.
    I wish money would burn a hole in my pocket like that.
  18. Doing a cafe myself..no experience..just giving it a go... see dotheton.com its the bee's knees. I've got the mechanical ability of an anteater
  19. Oooooooh, you can buy my SR!

    A W800 is closer to 13k new, and a stock SR400, 06-08 or is around 8k, I believe.