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Deus custom worth-it? Any other options in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by japhappy, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. I am a time poor commuter currently on a 150 scooter but looking to move up to a bike I can be proud of as well as enjoy riding. becoming obsessed with the dirty look of some of the jap custom jobs w650, sr4/500 etc. Deus obviusly do a great job but am thinking if I can get a decent base bike thier might be another mob out thier that can custom for a little less and results may be more unique. No at all mechanical so will be paying someone else for all work. Any ideas?

  2. Handy with spanners? Pick one up and do it yourself :)
  3. deus bikes are expensive

    doing it yourself is more fun, but takes longer
  4. Deus charge a mint for what they do. Talk to MischiefMakers Mel, she and her buddies were making some very nice, much cheaper old style customs.
  5. I reckon Deus charge what it would cost a nornal bloke with spanners to do the mods.

    Being 'time poor' means there is no real alternative unless you find a production model close to what you envision yourself riding/owning.

    Thing is, if you throw enough money at a peoblem, you'lll get a solution. This is happening more & more in the bike world. Heaps of modded rigs getting about with owner/riders who never owned a toolbox.
  6. Deus charge too much compared to doing that work yourself. However, the base price for the grey imports they offer going to be $10,000 from a lot of places, then you've got 4 - $5000 if you're going for fancy bolt-on bits. If I was you, and wanted what they offer, I would consider picking up a late grey SR400 off eBay - readily available these days for $6000 - and, if you're time poor, paying some private person to mod it for you. Parts are readily available through the likes of Vanem in Sydney, and if you posted up on the SR500 forum joined the SR500 Club you'd easily find somebody competent enough to do it. For $10,000 or a little more you could walk away with a stunner, designed by yourself in conjunction with the guy you hire. If I were local I'd offer to do most of it - a lot of it is bolt on; I'm sure you'd have no problem finding a handy enthusiastic person who'll charge half the price of a business. If QuaterWit does not join this discussion then PM him - he bought a Deus stock SR, modded it himself, and though now in Melbourne is from Sydney and so knows plenty of bike people from there.
  7. 1) stop being so metro sexual.

    2) While your having your moca lata double decaf at work in the morning get on to google and read how to use a spanner.

    3) Tell your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend that you cant have sex with them until you finish bolting on the bit to the bike and I bet you will find the time to do it.
  8. They are overpriced, very poorly finished and shouldn't be allowed to use the word "Custom" when it's all bolt on jobs. It's really sad to see the quality of the stuff they are putting out at the moment - there's some really, really sloppy stuff leaving there.

    I bought my SR400 stock through them a while ago and did the mods myself. Still a work in progress but nothing beats actually building it yourself. You learn heaps and don't get around riding someone elses "Special".
  9. Pick up a running, registered Jap 70's naked off Ebay for under $1k (a Kawasaki Z would be the best bet due to huge supply of cheap aftermarket parts) and do it yourself for under $2k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. hmm that sounds useless. half the reason of riding something custom is to be proud of what you have accomplished. its hardly got the same vibe when you get someone else to do the work.

    anything you need to know will be here on netrider. just ask around and people will give you advice on almost anything. also you can watch youtube videos where people post videos of themselves doing something like rejetting a carbie, replacing fork seals etc ...

    have a crack i say. if you pick up an older bike you cant go too far wrong.
  11. Do what you want to do, be what you want to be, yeah?

    Whatever floats ya boat, sparks ya plug...I say go for it mate!

    (Though I agree if you can find the time, it's much more satisfying, and it's a simple bolt-on affair for most stuff...take the obsession off google and onto the back porch...)
  12. I dont spend much time here anymore but if your looking for a good custom bike and your not willing or able to pay deus prices shoot me a PM. Working out of brookvale in sydneys beaches making custom bikes for a while much better priced than deus and better built. latest project. Pil
  13. There's a few nice GB400TT's (cafe racer spec) going around on ebay/bikesales - Why not buy one already done ???

    Deus bikes, although drop dead sexy, are way over priced. They're aimed at the Mosman/Mac Bank poser types, with more money than sense. I'd buy something else already done or build it your self.
  14. +1,
    check them out, the 400 has a nitroheads seat, that costs ~$300 by itself.
    have a look at some yamaha srv 250's as well

  15. nice project there pil, are you that shop on winbourne rd?
  16. Yep thats where we are. Come by on any thursday or friday and have a look at whats on the floor. Plenty of other cool stuff for ya peepers. Pil
  17. sounds like you want a deus bike, then go and buy one.
    its not about what you buy or how much you pay, it's about the joy of being on two wheels and loving the experience of motorcycling. if you like the dues 'thing' and it captures your imagination and you would enjoy owning and riding one of their machines then get one. don't listen to the negative comments. lifes too short! :)
  18. There is a seller located in Sydney who is selling parts on ebay for the SR400.
  19. i have had my deus tw200 for 6 months now and not regretted getting it at all - 4500kms of fun :)