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detuning for lams

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by huey, May 4, 2009.

  1. Hi, i am getting my learners next month and wanted to know if i could detune a yamaha r6 or any other 600 supersport to be learner legal? I am not embarrased to ride a 250, nor am i trying to be a hero infront of my mates, i just find i am tall for a 250. i have intermediate bike skills. Any help!!!

  2. Confusing. Suppose you're used to riding dirt bikes then - buy a motard.
  3. there has been a few people around here that have had a bike such as the r6 and cbr600 registered as LAMS approved, dont think they got it detuned or anything, just a stuff up at rta/vicroads.

    if you want a full size bike, there are plenty of LAMS options other than 250cc bikes, and if your in a state that still requires 250cc or under (are there any left?) check out a hyosung gt250r or gt250 comet. they are fairly big bikes, infact i think the 250cc is in the same frame as their 650cc model.
  4. 650 Hyosung is LAMS

    and the 250 Hornet (yeah, I know, grey import, but still available) is the same physical size as the 600
  5. If you're too tall for a 250, one of the LAMS motards would be a hell of a lot more comfortable than an R6, which is not much physically bigger than many 250s anyway.
  6. also rember you cant get a non lams version and restrict it... you have to have brought it new as a lams approved bike

    and if you havent even got your L's yet, stop dreaming of an R6...

    get one when your legal
  7. Hey man, read heaps of posts on here about tall riders asking for opinions on a suitable learner bike, should find a few dozen threads in the search.