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Detuning 600supersport for LAMS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by huey, May 5, 2009.

  1. I think i posted in the wrong category yesteryday and it got deleted as im a newbie!! sorry!
    Anyways, im getting my learners in a month (NSW) and was wondering if its possible to detune an r6 or any other 600 supersports for that matter. I am not embarrased to ride a 250 nor am i trying to cutsick, i just find i am a bit tall and look contrived on a 250!! i also have intermediate riding skills. Also a highway patrol office told my mate that you can detune a 600, but i just think the officer didnt know what he was going on about. ANY HELP!!!

  2. Short answer: no.

    Long answer, there are plenty of bikes out there that will fit you, and not just 250's - Suzuki GS500F, SV650, GSX600F just to name the suzuki ones...
  3. Australia wide, (wherever there are LAMS provisions), the bike must be an approved model and sold new in that state of tune.
  4. This seems a once a week discussion.

    Time for a sticky perhaps?
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  6. I understand where you are coming from looking for a larger bike.

    Maybe take a look at some of the softer offerings from Suzuki


  7. ive heard a bit about this and was told that double R motorcycles in sydney would de-tune 600cc bikes for learners and it was all cleared with the RTA but after a few months the RTA put a stop to it but double R were trying to get approval to do it again. thats the story dunno if its true or bullpit but a lot of people have seen 600cc sportsbikes with L plates on them around sydney.

    It would be nice if P platers could ride de-tuned bikes legally but i think its just too hard to know which bikes are LAMS and which have been de-restricted on the sly.

    id love to have an R6 or a GSXR600 even if it only has 33hp, would be so much nicer than my banged up old ZZR250 lol
  8. Why on earth would you want to do this???

    The countless number of lighter, cheaper to buy/maintain/rego/insure and more nimble 250s, having the same power as a castrated 600 surely suggests that there would have to be something BIG to offset or exceed these losses? Somehow I don't think improved braking and suspension performance would be much motive. I don't understand WHY?!

    ...unless you're a complete poser :p

    It's like riced up cars... just worse.

    Yeah this bodykit and neon lights makes her go sooooooooo much faster. Oh don't forget spoilers on FWD lancers ahahaha... I have one... how embarrassing :oops:
  9. The OP stated why in their first post;

  10. There's plenty of good performing LAMS bikes out there. The LAMS limit is 150kw/tonne - most 250's are around 120kw/tonne with the sportier ones around 130.
  11. I saw that - its not like there aren't big enough LAMS bikes unless he's 7ft... why then a super sport 600... they aren't particularly accommodating either.
  12. The point is to get the little lams thing on your rego, then remove the restriction........I don't think most people actually intend on keeping the bikes restricted.

    The other more pragmatic reason is to avoid buying two bikes, one for learning one for riding after......you ride the restricted bike until the end of restrictions then derestrict it.
  13. Hmm, your first point makes sense - which is probably why apparently it isn't allowed anymore.
  14. lots of tall people ride small 250's im one of them. the only issue i have is its gutless....
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