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Detector Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by D955, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey All - just been thinking about investing in some "licence protection gear" for help on those nice weekend mountain rides.

    Anyone got some recommendations or comments (apart from sticking to the limit!)?

  2. Sorry - just figured I am probably in the wrong forum.
  3. servo attatched the the license plate. controlled by the passing switch
  4. 1. Are detectors legal where you are? In many places they're not.

    2. Does it work? Some do - some don't.

    3. How does it work? The simple way is with a heterodyne circuit - but a heterodyne circuit resonates with the signal it's locking into, and that in turn can be detected. It's not difficult, either. In places where radar detectors are illegal, it's not uncommon for a police car to also have a radar detector-detector, and that thing generally works a whole lot better than many of the detectors it sniffs out.

    4. Whether they pick up a positive detector signal, or just observe the car/bike suddenly get on the brakes when radar is pointed at it, if the cops have reason to suspect that a detector is on board, they have permission to virtually demolish the vehicle looking for it. I heard a story about a fella with a half million dollar GT2 porka, who got pulled over and had the car torn apart by the HWP on the roadside, doing tens of thousands of $ worth of damage while they were at it. He threw further tens of thousands at the problem trying to get compensation. No dice. The court supported the right of the officers to search. When they didn't find it on the dashboard, the magistrate agreed, it was perfectly reasonable to assume it may be hidden in the seats, so there was no reason for a policeman doing his duty NOT to take the leather seats apart with his pocket knife ...

    5. Radar is only one of several technologies used to measure speed. Modern radar isn't switched on until they point it at you and start to use it. There will be no detection until too late. The same is true of LIDAR. You can't detect the Mk1 eyeball or the following police-car either.

    In my opinion, the best defence is not a device - it's a state of mind.

    I wouldn't try and tell you not to speed, that'd be just a little bit hypocritical, but on public roads you should have a safety margin left for the unexpected. Livestock, distracted drivers, massive potholes or debris on the road ... or speed cameras. If you're riding fast enough that you have little or no chance of spotting them and being back within the law before they can point a speed measuring device at you, then perhaps you're travelling a bit fast for the conditions?
  5. See here's the thing, let's for arguments sake say I did actually know of some things that could protect your license, if i told you that wouldn't be much good to us now would it?

    Because everything that's been tried and tested and worked in the past became so popular that the po-po cottoned on to what they were. So if I was to answer your question then what i know stands the risk of being adopted by enough people that the po-po would figure it out. And that wouldn't be any good to you because they'd catch you, and possibly me in the process.

    So we're in a catch 22 situation when you think about it. If somebody provided you with the answer you're searching for on a public forum then everybody would have the same answer. Considering most riders are stupid beyond description it's highly likely one of us would get caught out with the solution you're looking for thereby alerting the rozzers to the rest of us.

    I know you came here looking for a simple answer so I'll do you the service of providing you one. Stupid riders are lazy riders and want to be spoon fed like little babies sucking milk from their mommas, smart riders know they need to put a bit of effort in to avoid the lazy and the stupid.

    Stupid riders fuck it up for everyone because they make themselves obvious. Smart riders disappear off the radar and can't be seen by the technologically dependent lazy predators out to get them.

    A better question than yours is, is it possible to go unnoticed and undetected? Once you start thinking like that, who knows what answers you will find.
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  6. It is called a UHF try ch40, legal and it works fairly well.
  7. Only on freeways with a reasonable amount of truck movements but some truckies are also pretty lazy and dont say anything. In any case this won't help you on the main motorcycle haunts that trucks don't frequent.


    As for the OP bar WA I believe radar detectors are outlawed and I know in NSW atleast they have quite a few of the HWP cars fitted out with radar detector detectors although now some of the better models can't be picked up by them. As said above though if they suddenly noticed you drop off speed the moment you're in strife if they suspect you have a detector. Also with LIDAR because it's such a tight beam by the time they have pointed it at you its going to be too late. One way around it is laser jamming systems, but the cop is probably going to cotton on if his laser is being jammed and yes they are also illegal (even in WA iirc)....
  8. Many trucks don't have them anymore but those that do let you know where the cops are hanging out, if you can identify the local tragic cops (run past the cop shop(s) and see how many of the HWP cars are out first) and keep off the "main motorcycle haunts" you have a fair chance. Being smart tips the odds in your favor and that is the best you can do without serious equipment that will see you lose it and put you in front of a beak, if you get caught with it.
  9. Thanks for the ahh....lectures / comments guys.

    I certainly do not consider myself lazy or stupid but rather always looking to improve - whether it is in my slow speed riding skills, my ability to ride at elevated (but not idiotic) speeds in order to improve my higher speed skills, the performance of my bike (all aspects, not just power) etc.

    This was what prompted me to ask the question in the first place, having had nothing to do with radar detectors for at least 20 years - as maybe an option to enhance my overall riding experience.

    Kneedragon - thank you for providing me with pretty much the idea that the risks may well outweigh the benefits - no way am I prepared to strip my bike down on the side of the road and Chef - you harsh but straightshooting champion - thank you also for maybe making me examine the approach I take towards the when and where of "elevated" speed riding.

    All comments taken on board in good spirit!
  10. Sorry if it sounded like a lecture - that wasn't the intent.

    We all like to go fast - most of us anyway - but relying on a device doesn't work. I dunno what Chef's secret recipe is, but mine is ride like the toothless crippled grandfather that I am, to a place where I like to ride, then do a look-see lap at legal speed, and if it seems clear - go for it. That won't keep you out of the poo all the time, but it will give you a fighting chance.
  11. There's a special spray you can put on where your plate will look completely normal except maybe a bit glossy as though you just cleaned your bike. When you get flashed, it sort of blinds the camera, obscuring the number plate from view... hard for me to explain, best to go to
    44 dollar markup to get a can shipped to Aus unfortunately but still pretty cheap insurance at 60 dollars a bottle
  12. No problem - as I said, all comments taken on board!

    I was beginning to think exactly along the lines you mentioned. I am also lucky enough to have a few areas close enough where you can have a good ride without going all the way into licence loss territory.

    Thanks again.
  13. That spray doesn't do shit, if it works at all, its only from very specific angles.
  14. Saw a UK version tested on an old number plate; 15minutes later it had melted all the paint off.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  15. to keep it legal garmin gps have locations of fixed speed cameras and you can subscribe to get locations of mobile speed cameras. won't help in the hills much, apart from the roads getting there and back as they only seem to put cameras where there's lots of traffic. laser is a bugger. in Vic seems they either sit up high like on black spur or the gor or they cover corner exits and ping you as you open up coming out.
  16. That was a bit of a spray wasn't it? Sorry.
    I've made the mistake of sharing what I know a couple of times and I've lost my advantage a couple of times because of it. Once it gets out on the net it's gone forever.

    I'll give you a hint though cos the dumb ones still wont be able to figure it out. Riders are predictable which makes the po-po predictable. Have fun now.
  17. Out in the hills & country roads, most highway vehicles will be using the front & back shooting 1km focussed radar. As soon as a detector gets a whiff - skedadle / modify. If there's no line of sight they wont have identification. Kinda risky still. Around town though sudden speed change behaviour will be a tell tale.

    Think hard about what you wanna do.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. My only Detector story goes like this,double demerit weekend,2 blokes out front of the bunch had one.HP going the other way pings them and swings around,both stop and the Detector gets hidden in the bush.All 10 bikes stop by now and the first 2 get done for 128 in a 100 zone.The rest get warnings.The result,2 fined for speeding and the Detector did nothing usefull except scare the crap of of them,big big fine if caught.
    Its easier to just cruise at a speed that gets you there with the chance of arguing the bust down to a managable level on transport sections.Thats I am going to say in the Remote chance of any problems,pun intended.
  19. Thanks - no harm done!
    I am enjoying riding again after quite a few years off but also enjoying the tinkering!
  20. Hmmm, recommendations??

    No guarantees but here goes..
    Have some patience, find a place n time...
    Particular road on recent snowy trip comes to mind as an example...:-w
    Do some due diligence and I'm sure you'll find some closer.... :-$

    Pretty much like kneedragon...

    Blow your license on something like Yarra Boulevard then try calling the RACV or someone else who may give a F&ck....

    Simpler than challenging radars.....blah blah blah...