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Detailed maps for touring?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by powinc1, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. I know my Tom Tom and Google Maps can show me around. But there's nothing like a good map.

    But where can I find detailed maps for touring?

    The maps I got from the local newsagent, just aren't detailed enough.
  2. I take it not one that is possible to tour with. The 1.4 metre by 1 metre Victoria State map is a good one.

  3. <Chris beat me to it>
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  4. Depending upon how much detail you want, you could try the Australia Motorcycle Atlas published by Hema Maps. It covers most roads around Australia plus it has 200 marked motorbike rides. Available from www.hemamaps.com.au. Has a wide range of maps so you may find what you are looking for here.
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  5. Motorcycling atlas is a must, not just roads but places see, eat and stay at.

    Camp grounds have details about facilities and mine (5th edition) came with a wall map.

    It's great for planning trips.
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  6. ++1 The Motorcycling Atlas - available on eBay, but most good book/magazine stores carry it, got mine in Launceston. It's a good size to carry in a tank bag, and has large spiral bindings so no issues with pages falling out of the middle.
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  7. One of the few areas left where the analogue has no valid digital equivalent!
  8. Mapworks
    184 Keilor Road, Essendon North
    I've not bought from them, just heard of them.

    You used to be able to buy all kinds of maps, inc topographic maps from the Victorian Government Bookshop, but they are now closed. :(

    I have a mass of topo and 4wd maps mostly bought from the Melbourne Map Centre twistngo listed above, excellent to deal with, and they do online sales.

    Or try one from this list.
    http://www.abcmaps.com.au/Specialist Map Shops/Buy Online.htm

    The other places to try are camping shops, Anaconda or Ray's Outdoors for eg, or try your local RACV Shop.
  9. Just got mine, in the mail from Hema. Mmmmmmmmm, it smells so(y) good!
  10. The only issue I had with the Hema Motorcycle Atlas was that I realised that I needed reading glasses.

    For those who have bad eyes there is a bigger version, minus the motorcycle routes.

    Edit: I don't agree with some of his reviews. Although it may have been some years since he rode some of the routes.
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  11. didn't yours come with the magnifying glass slotted into the cover?
  12. It would be impossible to keep a hard copy truly up to date.
  13. nope.
  14. I suppose - but the Wagga/Nangus/Gundagai road has been crap for the 18 years I've been riding it. If the condition of the surface was better, it'd be great.
  15. I use a cheap Chinese navigator that runs on a windows platform and have installed OziExplorer on it. I create my tour route at home on my computer and then down load my waypoints onto my navigator which is mounted on my handlebars. All I have to do is follow my waypoints. I also carry paper maps of more detail of any interesting places alone the route.
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  16. So you'll be needing it to find your way to the South Coast? hmmm ? :)
  17. Cartoscope do a range of touring maps. Map PDF's can also be downloaded from their website.

    Widely distributed throughout regions covered at Tourist Info centres, service stations and motels/hotels/BnB's.

    Areas covered:- mostly SE Australia, especially NSW and some coverage into VIC and up to Fraser Coast QLD.

    The price is agreeable: Free :) funded by advertising on the maps that is not intrusive nor detrimental to the purpose of the maps.

    Also some specific interest maps. eg. Geological Sites of NSW if you like rocks, unconformities, inclusions and dykes.