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Destruction Derby on the M5

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Brusilov, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello netrider,

    Don't know if any of you were driving on the M5 near the Kingsgrove exit last night (Saturday) and saw the fire tricks, police and ambulances...

    There were a few "serperate" accidents involving cars and I have no idea how any of it started, but somehow i got involved in the sudden breaking mayhem and now the 99' GSX-R that i had just bough a bit over a week earlier is completely demolished. It's a tragedy, mostly due to the fact that i had not managed to insure it yet.

    Ideally, i would like some advice on how to recoup as much money as possible from the written off bike, but any advice (technical, legal, psychological, whatever) would be nice :)

    I'm in a tricky financial situation now, and need to do some damage control, but that said... In the end, i'm just glad i'm not parting out a 1981 male.
  2. That's GOLD!!! Glad your sense of humour is in tact, that's your most prized possession.

    Just need to ask the obvious before the thread and advice kicks off. Did you collide with another vehicle? or have one punt you up the bum? or was it over-braking into the mess that caused you to drop it?

    How did you prang?
  3. There was a 4wd slowing down in front of me in the non-overtaking lane and when i went to overtake it, the traffic in the overtaking lane all suddenly stopped, apparently due to an accident.

    I wasn't able to break fast enough or swirve out of the way and i hit the LH rear of a car in the overtaking lane (apparently)... i don't remember anything after "oh shi..."
  4. Glad to hear you're in good spirits afterwards.
    But sorry to say I don't think you're recouping squat if you weren't insured - a rear-ender is always the hitter's fault...
  5. sounds like you'll either be parting the bike out or trying to fix it... i'd look into both options before making a decision.
  6. Well, there is one part on the '81 male that can be sold... over and over...
  7. hahaha, well even with kevlar pants, that part is gonna need some major repairs before i can put it to work!

    Someone told me something about the last person in a chain to be at fault, and although there was another 5 car incident once i was safe and standing on the side of the road, i think the insurance companies will call them seperate accidents.

    The bike is pretty mangled. Do you think i am better off selling the entire bike to a motorcycle wreckers or stripping the bike myself and selling it via ebay or something?
  8. Sorry to hear about your crash :( Glad you are OK, that is the main thing. As for the bike, parting it out will probably be what gives you the most amount of money. Find out what the wreckers are selling the parts for in the condition that they're in and undercut.
  9. Shit man, that is crap luck! As long as you're okay. And yeah if you cant repair it parting usually makes the most money (speaking from a cars point of view)