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Destroyed My Clutch (fixed)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. anyways was showing off doing burnouts
    Then after i tried moving off i had no power
    can change gears fine engine revs fine. But its like having the clutch pulled in 95% and giving me the slightest amount of power

    Im guna take it apart and trace me way from the clutch cable to where ever until i find something worn or broken.

    Could anyone give me a heads up of the part they think has carcked it.


    Ok what happened was my lifter bolt (the thing between the clutch cable and clutch itself popped out and got jammed permanently engaging the clutch

    After i fixed this and put it bak together i bent the clutch cable adjuster next to the clutch and that was resposible for my loss of power if i tried to acclerate quickly as the clutch was once again engaged a little bit
  2. yep, easy. The rider.
  3. :LOL: hornet... ok he is a tit but I think we have to be supportive of this noob... i'll put it in easy simple terms...

    Burnout smokey fun = bad chunked up clutchy ruined chain and 0 trojan on your horse.

    Bad chunked up clutch = no movey bikey savy? :roll:


    bad chunked up clutch = crappy sludgey exon!
    engine seasey = u :cry:
  4. What, you guys never did a burnout? Clutch abuse is one of the best parts of motorcycle ownership.

    Clutch plates? Clutch basket? Location-wise it's the circular thing sticking out the right hand side of the bottom of the engine. You'll have to drop the oil, which will likely be full of chunks of clutch. You can replace clutch and friction plates by yourself, but you'd want to be pretty confident with your spanners.

    Otherwise, take it to a mechanic. The plates shouldn't cost more than $200, and labour maybe that again.
  5. I know, Loz, it was just a line that I couldn't resist.

    But, no, I haven't done a burnout, which may explain why the Hornet has 92,000kms on it and the clutch is still ok. Somewhere along the line every pleasure has its price....
  6. but there is often an ointment for that.

    hey I'm just impressed he was doing a burnout on a 250.

    Some clutches are a lot easier then others. get a workshop manual and it will pretty much spell it out. Just tracing the cable and hoping you get it right is a bit optimistic for this type of job. It's a medium difficulty type of job though certainly doable a home.
  7. Few possibilities here.

    You could have glazed, warped, polished or heat damaged the steel clutch plates of the clutch. If so they will look shiny blue, or no longer flat, or all the dots on them will be polished off, or they may even be scuffed up like a brake disc which has been run with no pads.

    You may have worn away most of the friction material on the friction plates, or it may be damaged in sections.

    The heat may have damaged a clutch bearing so it's restricted in movement or sticky.

    Based on the tale of abuse you tell these are the most likely scenarios.

    You may even just be able to readjust the clutch and get away with it (not very likely though).

    Its also possible you have damaged the aluminium clutch basket that holds the clutch and friction plates. The "fingers" on the basket that align everything can then catch stopping proper clutch movement.

    You may have shagged the springs that apply pressure to the clutch.

    You can remove most of a bike clutch easily enough at home with hand tools (not the basket though that will need a rattle gun or a special tool)

    Without taking it apart you will never know, and for that you really need a manual. A bike wet multiplate clutch is a lot more complex than a car one.
    You may also struggle to diagnose the problem when it's apart too.

    If you think you can just follow the clutch cable down there and then start ripping things apart then I would recommend you dont, at least until you have a manual.....

    I also concur with ward_4e. Heaps of clutch abuse means oil filled with huge amounts of metal shavings eating away at everything in your motor. Replace oil and oil filter ASAP. Obviously you will have to do this when you pull off the clutch cover anyway.
  8. Agreed. I think I'd just be orderng new friction plates, steel plates and springs as a matter of course.
    Probably around $250-300 just for parts..............lesson learnt eh.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. No.
  10. Burnouts are evil and create global warming.....

    It's wheelies and stoppies all the way for me :p
  11. LOl too hard to wheelie a stock CBR

    anyways got the manual will rip into it now may have to post pics as i dont know how much thread the friction plates need to have
  12. ok took it apart
    Played with the lifter pin put it bake
    filled with oil put it back together and my clutch works but i have power loss above 8k rmp basicly doesnt accelrate any faster
    Guna try adjusting the cable and if that doesn work ill have to ride it to the wrecker and grab a new clutch assembly as its my only transport

    would call that partial success
  13. Not very smart ruining your only transport :)
  14. ok last update b4 i attempt to make it better.
    It's all working but it seems to rev too easy its fine when i rev 2-4 k revs i can feel the torque but when i try to take of at the lights it is noticable slower.
    Its like i have less torque. And i can rev to red line without using the clutch any time (instantly) and the rpms dont drop which is weird.

    I can also feel the torque catching up with the speed if that makes sense unlike instant power like it was earlier

    What i would like to know which part in the clutch causing these symptoms plates-springs-something else?
  15. I gave you a list of the parts I'd replace above. You could maybe skimp on the springs, but you WILL need new friction and steel plate.
    Sounds like the rest of your engine has suffered badly too.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. from what you describe sounds to me like its slipping.

    as to why sorry got no idea.
  17. Hard to judge lack of power when the clutch is slipping like crazy.

    Im with the friction and steel plates. buy the lot and you can have it fixed in a couple fo hours max.
  18. Woot Fixed updated the first post
  19. I missed this before, did you run it through the Captain Jack Sparrow translator?

    Regards, Andrew.