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Destricting a bike whilst on opens

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. I'm well aware of the insurance issues of de-stricting a bike whilst on the LAMS period.

    But if one was on their Opens license, ie you can buy any bike you want, is there an issue with de-stricting a LAMS bike?

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  2. Yep, and it's been covered before. In short since it's registered as a distinctly separate LAMS model to make it legal means getting it de-registered, then recomplianced and reregistered as the non-LAMs model. The cost of which is prohibitively high.

    Much easier to just sell the restricted model and buy an unrestricted one, or better yet just wait till you can ride the non-LAMS version.
  3. ^^ there it is in a nutshell.
  4. In there lies the problem. They don't offer it in the non-LAMS version...
  5. Which bike are you referring to exactly?
  6. Yam FZ6R.
    If I was to get this to see out my remaining time of restrictions, then de-strict after on opens.
    I'm not loving too many bikes in the 600 to 800cc category that are full faired, appealing to my eye and where I can flat foot it.
    So really struggling here, and the FZ6R fits the bill, except for the restriction.

    I am tearing my hair out (and I'm bald already) as to what to upgrade to. So asking the question if this is viable, but I already know what the answer is....

  7. Once your on full license, you can de restrict the bike, inform your insurnace company and Road authority (VIC Roads for me) that you have done this, your premiums may go up but considering you fullly licensed now it shouldnt make a difference really. I did this with my Hyosung GT650R. And if you want to re sell and want to put the restriction back on just repeat the process and let them know this has been done.

    Well thats how it worked here in VIC for me.
  8. Interesting...... Anyone tried this in Qld?
  9. Well in that case your probably out of luck. Still, the FZ6 is an outdated model anyway, which is why it's been relegated to LAMs status.

    So either just buy an FZ8S, or look for an earlier unrestricted FZ6S.
  10. Yeah JD, don't love the looks of them. They are more nakeds rather than fully faired.


    The dealer has been good and is happy to line up test rides of the LAMS versions of the Ninja 650 and FZ6R. That way I can test ride for weight, height and balance etc etc
  11. So just add some plastic bits.
    There's plenty of aftermarket options for turning semi-faired bikes into fully-faired ones.
  12. Is the FZ6R restricted to be LAMS or is it just a low powered bike?

    Basically, if you already own a restricted bike and you haven't got the money to buy a new bike then de-restricting it is probably the best option. Yes you have some hoops to jump through, meh, who cares.
  14. I'll give you the same advice as I give everyone. Ride everything you can, buy the one you like the most. If that turns out to be the FZ6R, then so be it. If you can de-restrict it and don't mind jumping through the hoops, go for it. Your money, your bike, your decision.
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  15. What mick said....

    only caveat is to do your homework on the bike you fancy.

    Some LAMS machines are a doddle to derestrict (technically) while others require ECU replacement and/or reprogramming, which can turn out to be quite expensive.
  16. Oh that makes sense.................

    A mate of mine works for Yamaha, told me that its possible to derestrict the bike but they wont/cant derestrict their new FZ6R......even if its for a full licensed rider. I couldnt understand why until now :(..........so what happens if there isnt a full powered version being sold in Australia?
  17. Then obviously you can't register it as non-LAMS. Which then makes any performance modification, including derestriction, technically illegal since it's a requirement of the rego that the bike be completely stock.
  18. Ok, there goes that thought and that bike out the window.

    Back to the drawing board....
  19. JD, I think you are wrong. You can indeed legally derestrict a LAMS bike. You are correct that it will need to have it's details changed and be no longer classified as LAMS, but it's really not that difficult. Well not in NSW anyway.

  20. Why, don't take the word of people on a motorcycle forum. How about you ring QLD roads (or what ever they are called) and find for sure, it might also be worth contacting a Yamaha dealer to see if it can actually be done.