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Destination Unknown

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by dazzabee, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. I love it when a ride going bad comes good...

    So I'm heading from Canberra to Bermagui on the coast as a recce for a Black Dog Ride being organised for April. From Bungendore to Braidwood the bike's fuel pump starts playing up again and the drivers are just being crazy, more so than normal. So I decide to stop in Braidwood for a nice lunch, cuppa and rethink.

    I've been through Braidwood hundreds of times without really looking around so I decide to kill some time riding around town and then escape back to the ACT. That was enjoyable and as I'm leaving I see an empty road behind me with a 100 kph sign. A quick U-turn and I'm having a fabulous time out in the country with the road all to myself. No idea where I was heading or where the road would eventually end but having a lot of fun. Stopped to check out some properties for sale etc.

    Then the bitumen ends but I keep going. I've done a fair amount of dirt roads I shouldn't have with this bike so I figure I'll just keep going. The dirt became very loose and the corners very tight so I got to work on my 'sliding' techniques but managed to stay upright. Ended up in Mongalowe and eventually Nerriga road although it took a long time at a very slow speed.

    So, once I'm back on the road I end up with a choice in direction of Braidwood or Tarago. I figured Tarago would be the go given I just came from Braidwood. Wrong! Very challenging dirt roads even though it was great to see how nice the area was. Managed one deepish water crossing with no issue at all. A dirt bike rider on the other side indicated the depth to me so in I went given it didn't look at all as bad as my ride on the flooded Hume Hwy a year ago.

    I give him a wave and continue on. Not long after, a short water crossing appears and I approach with caution but get in to it just as I notice that the cement has broken away at the entrance leaving large smooth rounded stones in it's place. Well, good thing I can swim was my first thought. As the front wheel dropped in and slipped on the rock the bike fell over and I prepared to abandon ship when suddenly the bike jerked the other direction and brought me straight up again and driving straight across the causeway. I couldn't believe it. Didn't even get water in my boots. Time for a lottery ticket I guess.

    Eventually I hit bitumen again and my bike came to life. Managed a nice low level flight in to Tarago and back to Bungendore. Now it was just a short zip in through Queanbeyan and back to the relative safety of my garage.

    Bike is a mess. It's going in for a new fuel pump and tyres in a week. I took a nap with a big smile on my face. All in all a great adventure.

    Oh yeah, and on the way back I had the opportunity to help a black swan that had been hit by a car. See http://the-riotact.com/lone-ranger-to-the-swan-rescue-on-parkes-way/63132 if interested.
  2. Great ride report. The most memorable rides are the ones where you just head off on your own with no particular route in mind. :) Good stuff.
  3. yep someone must have been watchin over you with that crossing, d'yah but a lottery ticket? and reckon you should have named n shamed that wanker that had a go at you guys helpin the swan.. some mother do have em and his mutha had him!!