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Desperately Seeking Luggage Solution for Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Hi
    I'm looking for a luggage rack for my 2007 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator - new or secondhand. I was hoping to get a Ventura Luggage Rack, but the L-brackets are custom made and the supplier can't get them to me in the required time frame. The bike shop have contacted all the suppliers they can (Ventura, Givi and I can't remember the others), so now I'm looking to you guys for some help!!

    I need a solution by 10th February, as I'm heading to Tasmania for a 2 week trip and really, REALLY, want a safe and practical solution that doesn't involve bungee-cords and backpacks :-/. There's also not much to attach bungees to at my tail end, so even as a worst-case scenario, it's pretty crap :-/.

    Does anyone have a rack to suit my bike that they want to sell?

    Can anyone custom make L-Brackets to suit my bike?

    Does anyone have experience using heat-resistant tape on saddlebags? My bike has a high, angled exhaust which will be in the way of saddlebags. Saddlebags and tape was suggested as an option to me - any thoughts?

    And finally, large tank bags? Thoughts? Experiences?

    I'm going for 2 weeks - no camping, just clothes - so I guesstimate I'm looking at a minimum of 7kg of gear.

    Here's a pic of the kind of rack I'm looking for...[​IMG]

    Hoping for some help - thanks in advance!
    Cheers, Black Betty
  2. I can sell you a pair of throw over saddle bags, Willie Max is the brand I think, for $50.

    Let me know.
  3. Hi Black Betty, I struck the same dilemma with my Eliminator, so I fitted a pillion seat back rest and the luggage straps to this and with bungees to your shockies. My bike is on this site in the "Showcase" section so you can see the set up if this helps . You can sit a larger backpack in the same position and its strapped to the bike not you. The backrest gives a good vertical stability and the bag is tucked nicely in behind your back and not catching the wind. Hope this helps, saddle bags won't work with our hi-rise exhaust and tank bags aren't good either as out tanks are WIDE and the gauges are in the tank Harley style. You can get a leather tool roll that straps to the handlebar brace for quick access stuff like phone, camera etc. They are cheap - $30 or so. Otherwise a custom modified rack might be the go. Enjoy the trip and ride safe.
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  5. Betty,
    I know that there was someone on here from the Dandenongs that had previously offered custom metalwork for another member.
    Hopefully they see this and reply for you.
    I might be able to help with heat resistant materials (Australian Canvas in Bayswater) to protect your bags. Either a protective layer or bag. PM for more info or details.
  6. Look at Kriega. Tail and tank packs, easy to attach to any bike and no bracket needed. Many of us have them, US20 or US30 etc. Can be bought online or there are stores around that sell them. Expensive but very good, totally waterproof, easy to take off and reattach. Check other threads for more or just Google.
  7. Great minds! I've left a message for this seller and also called the guy selling his VN250 on Gumtree too. No luck so far, but thanks anyway!
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  10. Betty if you have no success i may be able to help out with some sort of laser cut brackets.Send me a pm as a last resort (y)
  11. You people are wonderful! Looking into all of your suggestions. Gratefully yours, Black Betty.
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  13. An update on the situation...
    I contacted the seller mentioned by Jaytee and bought a second hand Ventura rack, Ventura bag and gearsack saddlebags (which I won't need) for $250. I had the rack fitted on Thursday. The L-bracket didn't fit my bike precisely so it had to be tweeked a bit. The mismatched look of chrome L-brackets with a black rack and a couple of rust spots isn't that flash on my beautiful bike, but nonetheless it's functional, and will do the job it's designed to do.
    Plus I'm pretty stoked it all came together in time for my Tassie trip!
    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and suggestions.
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  14. that's excellent have a great trip:]
  15. Well done Black BettyBlack Betty , you won't be hard to spot by the sound of the rack. Hope you enjoy the ride and take photos to post here when you return. Be certain to ride to the top of Mt.Wellington at Hobart the view is GOOD.