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Desperately need help finding a machineshop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by -VIPER-, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. hi guys, my name is Joe and i'm a hobby custom motorcycle builder...currently cafe racers. I am after a workshop who can do custom drilling, steel tube bending, lathe work and welding, mainly for custom fitting of various parts, on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis. Currently, i am trying to graft a 99 FZR600 front end to a 77 XS750, and need help with the steering stem.

    Do you think you can help me or recommend anyone? If so want kind of cost am I up for.

    I would appreciate any help. thanks
  2. ECCO Engineering at Coburg?
  3. Craig of Mischief Makers, in Brunswick, does such work and might be able to help you. A particularly nice bloke to deal with, and he specialises in cafe racers. PM sent.
  4. thanks RC36 and Mattb, they are both near by, i will look them up. have you personally used them before? if so what did you get done and much did it cost?

    I need to get something like this made up...


    ...and idea what they would charge me?
  5. Thinking outside the box, I've had some of that sort of work done by my local Muffler Men :).
  6. ECCO is great, though I haven't used them myself. "Gyro" Carless, who runs the place, built a series of hot-rod BMW's for the late Kenny Blake and then Greg Johnson to race. Certainly worth an ask.