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Desperate for some advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by roscol, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all, sorry for the wall of text but I would very much appreciate some advice.

    I've had my RE license for over a year, but haven't got round to buying a bike.
    This is why I am after a cheapish but reliable way of getting some experience (for 6 months/1 year) before I jump on something bigger.

    According to our lovely community, the Honda Spada is a pretty fantastic first bike to go for.

    I'm looking at 2 that have been freshly imported from Japan.
    Both are 1988 Models, both have done between 12-16k kMS and they look very clean. The place guarantees them for a year and they are $4000 each. Is it actually believable that a 1988 bike has done so few kilometers? The bikes look very clean, but 800kMS a year?

    I'm a nervous buyer and don't have a lot of money so could anyone please comment on the above, and perhaps give me some advice?

    I really do appreciate it

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. seems like a really good deal seeing as a lot of the private seller spadas I was looking at were around the $4000 mark without warranty and with more Ks. Maybe too good a deal? Most every spada I looked at had 50,000 on it, japanese conditions might be different though.
  3. Yes the kms are fake. If they aren't fake, thats probably worse IMO, since an engine sitting doing nothing for 10 years is far worse than an extra 20k kms.
  4. :LOL: This smells like Sumoto. Search (https://netrider.net.au/forums/search.php) is your friend. Have a look at:

    Most would say avoid these guys :wink: . If it's not Sumoto though, then just ignore my rambling :) .
  5. yes i agree i would be very sus on that mate......be careful sound too good to be true and usually is.......i would steer clear and buy sumthin local :grin:
  6. Thank for the comments guys.

    I've read various posts about this Sumoto place, and I'm glad I did, although, the place I am looking at is in Perth, WA.

    The guy there 'seemed' very genuine, and said he personally does a major service on all the bikes that come in, and checks them all (I realise that anyone could say this). He also backs the bikes with a full year warranty.

    I don't know what to do, whether to simply walk away or whether to ride them and possibly get one.

    I suppose there's no way of really knowing, but I guess I'm asking, with a 1 year warranty, and what appears to be a tidy bike for $4k, is it possibly worth it?
  7. Do you know if the warranty covers the whole bike, or something like just the swingarm .. I have known of car dealers to offer 1yr wannty, then the small print says (on the drive train) or similar ..

    You could also get a 3rd party inspection by another mechanic, if the dealer wont allow this, then walk, no run away ..

    Good luck with yr hunt
  8. With something that old it wont be faulty it will be wear and tear ,that is not warranty and that will probably be the speach that you get if something goes wacko :wink:
  9. Spada's are a good bike, but they are getting old now. You should definitely go on condition rather then whats on the clock. I'm sure that most people wouldnt ride the same distances in japan that we do over here, but 800k a year? I don't think so. It seems that all the grey imports have the odo's tampered with at some point. If you do decide to buy one make sure you get a friend who knows bikes, or (even better) a professional mechanic to take a look at it. Spending that 100 bucks or whatever could save you heaps. I'm not sure what the 250 market is like in WA, but 4 grand seems to me a bit much for one of these, i'd be looking for a neat one being sold privately for a bit less. Sure, it won't have a warranty (which as z900 and tim have said is probably worth jack sh*t anyway) but get it properly checked out and it shouldnt be a biggy. They're a neat little 250 which sound great with a pipe on them and i believe the main reason why they were only made in '88 is because honda couldnt make any money on them (think the alloy frame cost them lots of $$$). Anyhow good luck with your search, man :grin:

  10. Japanese bikes and cars are changed over at 3 year intervals, I believe. The registration for an older vehicle is prohibitive.

    The jap import bikes and cars have been sitting around somewhere (usually outside) since they were 3 years old, unused and unridden.

    They have low mileages for a good reason.

    "It seems that all the grey imports have the odo's tampered with at some point." Really?? All of them?? And you have evidence to back up that amazing assumption?

    There is no evidence that speedos are tampered with, is there? By everyone? Or anyone?

    Check out the corrosion on frame and engine alloys. You can usually pick an 80s jap import by this alone. It's something that fresh paint doesn't hide.


    Trevor G

    PS For the OP you probably have a reasonable deal. Ask for clarification about the warranty in writing.
  11. Lighten up, dude. Its just a motorbike forum not the nitpicking expo '08. Ok, so me suggesting all the gray imports having the clocks tampered with is a bit of a wank. But anecdotally, from what i've seen, a lot of grey imports (even those that were complianced years ago) have suspicially low kays. I realise 250's arent exactly bikes that people do iron butt style rides on. But given the fact that a lot of these 250's have very low kays on them, and a lot are sold thru not so reputable importers/dealers (i'm thinking one starting with 'S') i think its fair to say that a reasonable amount of greys would have the clocks wound back at some point. I remember reading on here once the reason why the grey's quite often show corrosion is because of the way they are shipped over here. But i dunno bout that, i would have thought all bikes, new or second hand, would just be imported in shipping containers. Anyway, we cool now dude? :cool:

  12. Not even generous Japan gives stuff away. Except that legislation dramatically increases the cost of registration after 3 years of use.

    It has a 2-fold purpose: Officially, to keep polluting vehicles off the streets. unofficially it also keeps the economy going.

    Thirdly, there is not the scope for riding in Japan like we have here. Bikes are not big touring or even commuting tools.

    Can you rely on some of the stuff you read in here?

    That's why I responded as I did. It IS a forum, afterall! :)

    Anyway, I have seen (5 or 10 years ago) pics of the open, long-term waterfront storage areas for cars and motorcycles which are ultimately for sale in some area of the world where vehicle standards are not so important. It's no wonder they all have that corrosion.

    Major market has been Russia, plus Australia and NZ for cars especially.

    You were right to suspect that bikes were not shipped over here as deck cargo on a submarine, even though that is how some of them/many of them/most of them look. Everything is containerised - has been for 40 years or more.

    Sure. Why not? :)


    Trevor G
  13. Thanks for all the wonderful advice guys, I appreciate the different points of view too.

    They also have a Suzuki Bandit there which has the same low mileage and condition.

    I think the general vibe is to go in sceptical and try and cover myself as much as possible.

    So I guess if I decide to go for it, I'll a) Get the a comprehensive warranty in writing b) get a 3rd party mechanic do give it a quick run through c) threaten the shop with impending doom.

    Thanks again, you've all been very helpful :)
  14. Steer clear of imported bikes. They have all sorts of issues. $4k will buy you a good secondhand learner bike no problems.
  15. :WStupid:

    Loz is right stick with local bikes less fuss and worry and there are plenty of good, safe, fast (comparatively) bikes for sale right here in good old oz. :grin:
  16. Could be worth checking first to see if you can insure it also (if you intend to).........a number of companies wont touch them.
    I think its due to non-compliance re Australian laws.
    Just a thought