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Desperate for Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paul Green, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. I do not know whether I have put this thread in the correct Forum but I think it is correct

    My Vulcan 800 has just failed its roadworthy test because the exhaust was said to be "to loud", Can anyone please tell me how the test is done and how I can make my exhaust quieter. without buying a new set of pipes

    The guy testing it even said that he thought "loud pipes saves lives" but still said he couldn't give me a roadworthy cert.

    I have only 4 days to get it back to the mechanic and get it re-tested and passed.

    I am now absolutely desperate as I have an appointment with Vic Roads on Thursday to register the bike and get a plate so I can ride it over Easter.

    Please if anyone can help I will be extremely grateful, I am in Melbourne, Victoria so I need help from someone local if possible.

    My bike in the UK was at least twice as loud as my Vulcan here and not once did it fail on noise, I am amazed as I hear Harleys that are much louder than my Vulcan so someone must know how I can get this passed the roadworthy.

    Please, please help
  2. Test is done with a decibel reading, I think at 4,400 rpm from a set distance and after throttle is released too as this can cause extra noise and pops.

    Do you know if the pipes are stock or after-market? An option might be to borrow some stock pipes from another kind Vulcan rider to get it through the RW. Sorry, I don't ride a Vulcan though.
  3. They are stock pipes with the baffles removed.

    I was thinking of stuffing the exhaust pipes with loads of wire wool just before it gets re-tested
  4. Since when was engine noise tested for RWC?

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  5. It is now clearly the tester was only going by the rules.

    If anyone can tell me a tester that will pass it in melbourne as is I would be grateful
  6. Wire wool burns up too quick. If you have to ride it far to the roady place, then you're screwed.

    My partner had the same issue, and he muddled through for a week before he bought a roll of chicken wire, wound it tightly around an old piece of wire coat hanger so that it was tight and just fit into his exhaust, then forced it in as a make-shift baffle. He left the old piece of coat hanger out of the chicken wire to give him something to grab when he had to take it out.

    In saying that, he put them in around the corner from the roady place as they made the bike run shit. It sailed through no drama. Hope that made sense! *edit- don't leave them in chrome pipes too long as they caused some kind of reaction to my partner's and his chrome peeled off*
  7. What I used to do with my cars is make a tin plate that fits inbetween the bolt up flange along the exhaust somewhere . Drill a few small holes in it to restrict it big time. I also stuffed a few of those big steel wool balls before the plate. The bike will be down on power so just limp it to the tester and it should pass ok.
  8. Thx Angie.

    I was planning on doing it outside the testing station. So will only ride it for 50 mtrs then take it out again as soon as I get the cert in my hand lol.

    I will go with your suggestion of chicken wire and coathanger plus a bit of wire wool for comfort lol

    Thx again
  9. I've got a db meter somewhere if u want to borrow it
  10. Thx base jumper I may have a go with your idea if the chicken wire fails
  11. No worries- good luck!
  12. Thx for the offer of your meter base jumper. I hope I won't need it. But I will let everyone who has responded know what happens on Wednesday
  13. Actually u can get a iPhone app that measures noise levels

  14. This.

    EPA and RWC are not implicit as far as I know.

    Why would they even think about testing this?
  15. How bout putting the baffles back in. Dunno why but the WR sounds great.... But the Vulcan is very audibly challenged and much better off muted to all those who are not on it
  16. The guy who did my RWC last year did the noise test by ear ! And said 'yes that sounds ok . . op sent u a pm