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Desperate for help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Roshan, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Just bought a 1991 suzuki across (GPX250F) about 2 weeks ago as a temporary bike until i get compensated by insurance.

    The problem is as follows:

    Drained the battery a couple of days ago when i left the bike in park mode at work. Managed to hill start the bike and then recharge the battery on the way home. Since then it had been starting fine. Today i went to turn the bike on and the lights came on fine, then all of a sudden every indicator light went out. So i tried to hill start it. It fired up but then several things happened:

    1) There was no throttle response whatsoever, if anything opening the throttle would lower the idleling rpm.
    2) the tacho needle was bouncing around between 3 and 8 thousand rpm while in neutral
    3) when i eased the clutch out there was no power at all and would stall even though the needle was showing high rpms.

    i thought perhaps the reserve tank was not being utilised with dead battery as its not a manual reserve switch that i was used to on the gs, so i went down to the gas station and picked up a 10L jerry can and fuel but that didnt really help.

    Also after i switch the bike off it failed to hill start again until it had sat for an hour or two. then when i hill started it again i had the same problem of no throttle response and a bouncing rpm needle.

    Additional info: ive been getting REALLY bad fuel consumption. a 15L tank was getitng me only 150km and it smelt like it was running really rich. I know i need to take it to a mechanic but im a bit strapped for cash so id like to know what it could be so i dont get bullshitted by a stealership.

    Thanks alot!


    (mod: edited all caps heading)

  2. 12l tank no? That might explain some of the fuel consumption!
  3. Check the voltage in the battery; it sounds to me like the regulator has packed up and the battery is not getting charged enough, if at all.
  4. Thanks for the replies

    Decided to go to mcas this morning a buy a battery and trickle charger. gonna install the new battery soon as it full charged hopefully that fixes the first problem then ill tackle the carbs to make it run leaner.

    Real shame the bike decides to die when its forecast for a week of rain lol

  5. Listen to the advice given by hornet. It is most probably the regulator as the indicators going out is a sign of not getting enough charge to the battery. Your new battery is just going to go dead again if you don't go to the source of the problem.
  6. Ah right i see. Well ill try and rule that out when i install the new battery. guess ill need one of them current testing things lol
  7. A multimeter? Yes, it'll certainly help.

    Put the test leads onto the battery, when running efficiently your bike should be putting about 13-14 volts back into the battery (this is while the bike is running at above idle), and should be sitting around 12 volts when the bike isn't turned on.

    If the volts don't rise to about 14 volts when the bike is running (it should run ok for a while after you charge the battery or use the new one) then its the regulator (or possibly the alternator/stator)
  8. Ok so i replaced the battery and started it up. Ran fine. Used a multimeter and when i was revving it the voltage rose to 14 - 14.5 and at idle it was about 13 so that would suggest the regulator rectifier is working.

    So while bringing it from my mates place where it broke down, i had an accident. Was in the left lane and a car in the lane next to me swerved into my lane without checking his mirrors. His left rear clipped the front of my bike and i went down. Not badly injured just bruised ribs and some road rash on my knees. wasnt wearing my draggins unfortunately, just normal jeans which shredded pretty easily.

    Now i got out of hospital yesterday arvo, today i went to look at the bike which was sitting in the parking lot near the accident site. i managed to ride it back to my place so i could put it undercover (raining alot here).

    Main problem aside from broken indicators and mirrors is that the case cover is leaking oil pretty badly. when the bike slid it ground a hole in the left casing. Is this easily repairable with something like QuickMetal?? Also when i took the boot off the bike (where the tank is on most bikes) there is a what looks to be the air box. it is open at the top and there is an outline of a square plate that had previously been screwed in place. it about 10cm x 10cm? any idea what part that is called and whether that could be causing my shit fuel consumption?

    Oh and yeh the driver stopped 50m up the road for about 10 seconds, saw that i wasnt getting up and sped off. Dont have his plates or anything so im going to have to repair this myself. Hopefully my insurance pay out from when the gs500 was crashed will come soon so i can start to repair this.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  9. have you run over any chinamen lately :LOL:?????