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desmosedici rr in sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxr movistar, May 26, 2008.

  1. i swear i saw a desmosedici rr on new sth head rd today at 2pm.

  2. Who'd even buy one? I'd be too scared to ever push hard in the twisties or take it to a track, because they're too expensive to chuck down the road, and they are not recognizable (for the poseur value) in the way that a Porsche or Ferrari is.
  3. but what about the bragging rights at the latte shops?
  4. people who dont care if they chuck $100,000 down the rd i guess..
    fcuk i would if i had squillions..
  5. yer, it was me. i use it for commuting.
  6. You sure you didn't just see a Cagiva Mito after a couple of beers?
  7. I went to Frasers last friday and there were 2 of them. very nice, they didnt offer me a test ride though
  8. a Desmosedici and a 1098r rode through Noojee yesterday while we were eating lunch at the Red Parrot

    meh - noisy clap trap put together by over weight smoking italian women who probably drop cigarette ash into the crank casings and smell like slow stewed cabbage ............
  9. Given the location, I'd say you certainly did. :)

    I used to love going to Peking Afloat with the family on weekends and watching the exotica roll on by...
  10. I passed a very expensive car the other day....... on the Sydney to newy freeway :? It was very expensive. :roll:
  11. You haven't been to Italy have you ;)
  12. Do they have those ducati's at frasers?
  13. A wee bit off topic, but am I the only one that finds the dry clutch prevalent in Ducatis extremely annoying? Kling kling kling a- ding ding kling… Much prefer the SVs and SP’s wet clutch sounds… Mmm…. Wet clutch.
  14. Nope I'm with you!
    Why someone wants to pay mega$$ for something that sounds like it's about to throw a bearing is beyond me..... :p
  15. Harleys with open primary drives are sillier.
  16. Well that would be because it is a performance clutch. :grin: It really does behave quite a bit differently to a wet clutch. Sharper. Quicker drive. A bit of a pain when you are just commuting around actually, but just what I want when carving through twisties. Mine is pretty worn now, and is consequently very noisy. I could use a volume control to turn it down a bit. :grin:

    Mind you, I'm thinking of putting a Slipper Clutch in mine, because that desireable sharp response when accelerating can also mean sharp, tyre chirping response when knocking down the gears coming into a tight corner. While that can be fun, not all the time. :oops:

    As an aside, I rode a Ducati Hypermotard for a day a while back, and it's dry clutch was much quieter, and handled extremely well up the St Andrews - Kinglake road. Maybe that was just because the bike only had 5000 Km on it. :grin:
  17. Personally, I love the sound of a ducati dry clutch, wish my bike had one.

    Since when do wet clutches make a sound? Am i missing something?
  18. The clutch on the desmosedici is a slipper clutch...anyway....i think...

    Ridden many ducatis peaches? lol

    Got two in the garage myself, and both have dry clutches...i like the sound...

    Sounds a whole lot better than trying to peel a white pushbike with a honda badge from between your outwardly large in appearance arse....j/k Im sorry i couldnt let the "is my ass big on this bike" thread...and decided to tie it in with a combo insult to the cbr 125r...as is the trend at the moment...what can i say...peer pressure gets the best of me.