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Desmosedici RR burnout????

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AG23, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Anybody watch MotoGP's After the flag show after each event? The Laguna Seca one is pretty entertaining (watched it on youtube) and even has a quick interview with custom bike builder Roland Sands who had earlier just finished doing a burnout and popped the tyre - ON HIS DUCATI DESMOSEDICI RR!!

    I would have loved to be there when he had it at full revs just so I could hear the engine screaming. Those bikes sound awesome.
  2. Got a link to the youtube feed?

    I'm with you, would have loved to hear it roar!
  3. i agree, link or ban!
  4. :LOL:
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    What a crazy MOFO!
    This is the YouTube vid i think i found.

    Destroys the tyre, what a dick, that back rim is $2000 if he damages it.
  6. just go to youtube & type in "after the flag." :roll:
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    It's a $100k bike, I doubt the $2k rim will hurt his wallet too much....
  8. Yeah he's still a DI*K.. You dont treat rare exotic machinery like that. Thats what Jap bikes are for :LOL:
  9. Designed by a genius, built by a craftsmen, ridden by a twat...

    Fair play to him though. :LOL:
  10. "Eh, anyone got a punture repair kit on em?"

    Just a small hole!!!
  11. Good on him, at least its not sitting in his Garage doing 20km per year around his drive way. Those machines are built to entertain, and thats just what he was doing. However, I could of done without the fantastic commentary by the Americans :shock:
  12. Haha sorry about the lack of a link guys! Good to see it's all sorted. That Roland can actually punt a bike around pretty good (former American 250GP champion) and is real famous in the States now.

    Check out the 450 Super Singles his company now builds at:


  13. Read on another forum a guy with one broke the brake lever. Genuine replacement was $1000. The Rim is probably a lot more than $2k - but does not actually appear damaged.
  14. I was thinking the same (as in the rim being more than $2k), but a grand for a brake lever? :shock:
  15. I was assuming it cost that much, rrp i think off memory for a "1098S Marchesini Spaghetti bolognaise" whatever its called rear wheel is $1989 thereabouts. Wouldn't surprise me if the Desmo is more.

    Mind you it is a 16in by 6.25in wide size on the rear and the front is a 17in!
  16. I was lying in bed with the missus the other night and I told her about the ducati desmosedici.

    I told her that should the worst happen and she should die before me, I would use her life insurance money to buy a desmosedici

    She belted me.

    I did say I would call it flo (pet name for her) and ride her every week in the the wifes memory

    I thought it kind of romantic..... but obviously she didnt.


  17. Dude, you almost brought a tear to my eye! That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard. I might steal your line and try on on my wife tonight, see if I get a better reaction? She's always telling me I'm as romantic as a rock.
  18. Mate you go for it

    In the immortal words of sponge bob...........'best of luck with that'.......

    let us know how your go

  19. :LOL: I think its a reasonably nice thing to say, women just dont understand how a mind works, we think of them.

    The way the women see's it is .....'baby i hope you die so i can buy me a Ducati with that money cause i'd rather have that than you.... and also its more fun to ride'...

    Tim :grin: