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Derestrict a 2000 R1 and new exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by n3d_15, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, bought an R1 a few weeks ago, was just wondering if anyone here had unrestricted their and if made a noticable different.

    Also this bike is bone stock so was looking at a Yoshi RS-3 slip for is. I was at Bikebiz today buying some new fairing screws and over-heard one of the guys working there telling a customer that carbon fiber exhausts sound a little deeper than others because that are a natural material, now I though the baffle determined all that lol, I'm no exhaust expert but a 2nd opionon would be handy.

    Are there any places anyone would recommend to tune the bike after its been fitter with a Yoshi RS-3 and K 'n' N high performance air filter??

  2. I wasnt aware R1's were "restricted".
    It may deped on the size of your tackle and at 19 you must have plenty. Just mke sure the more you have "down there" doesnt lessen what you have "up top".
    I like the look and sound of most carbon pipes but they must look ok first.
  3. :LOL: :LOL: Gotta be the quote of the week :p
  4. Yea, apparently they have a small module/block that restricts the slides from opening to max, just what i've seen how to do. I do like the look of the RS-2 carbon exhausts. So no suggestions on where to get the bike tuned at???
  5. Try sydney dyno in kenso. :idea:
  6. Hey guys, I've found a slip that im pretty keen on getting its the IXIL Extreme Shorty XOVS type. Has anyone heard how these sound on a 2000 R1 over the stock mufler??? and if they have any bad points??
  7. Are you sure ..I think the restrictors are only used on UK model if there on the ones here I just learnt something... :shock:

    And 2W's I like this comment...'It may deped on the size of your tackle and at 19 you must have plenty. Just mke sure the more you have "down there" doesnt lessen what you have "up top".
    I agree Quote of the week..
  8. if he means up top as in brain, its ok, i dont plan on killing myself :)
  9. What you're probably thinking of is the timing retarder fitted to new 1000cc superbikes. But I highly doubt there's something like that on an older carbed R1.
  10. Hey guys, I might be able to get a good deal on a white bros muffler, my only question is. didnt they merge with akrapovic so theyd have on and off road solutions? But either way just wondering if it would sound as mean as any other yoshi, akrapovic. micron ect?
  11. actually yea i think youre right, just some asian and europe models come restricted.
  12. Just ride using your big head not the little one :)
  13. Japan and France are both limited to 100PS.
  14. I believe most don't!
  15. Any exhaust will sound 10x better than the stock one, just go for something that looks good and isn't a rip off. Ebay. My preference is akrapovic for i4s.