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Derestricing power... Foreal?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by countmacula, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. hey everyone!

    Anyways I've just taken my beastie back to the shop for a service....

    They just called and said that, as I have a custom exhaust and they'll be in there anyway, would I like to de-restrict my bike and get more power out of it...

    Apparently thet VN250 for the Aussie market was restricted or something. I wasn't really listening, just thinking about the cash...

    Of course I'm keen, but for the cash, is it worth it? Or is it some money making trick and they won't actually do anything?
    I do agree that the bike is a underpowered.. but it is only a 250 and a heavy cruiser.. then again, a little more power won't go astray.

    Would like to hear your thoughts!
    And also, whether or not it is something I can do myself?
  2. how much extra cash?
  3. Some 250 Honda's (cant remember all the models) were actually restricted for Oz. When I heard this I took my vtr250 in and asked them if it was, but they said that model wasn't.

    Its something to do with the intake or filter, can't really remember, but I would expect that it'd be under $100 if a part is required, or they may just remove a part from the intake.
  4. Some 250 Jap bikes are speed limited (electronic), this is only relevant if the 250 is actually capable of exceeding the limit in the first place (160kph).

    All bikes (+250cc) are restricted to a top-speed but again only if the are actually capable of exceeding it (300kph).

    Bikes are also environmentally restricted for the Oz market but the effect on max hp is negligible.

    So basically with a VN250 you don't have to worry about it ;)
  5. Yeah they were saying all up it'd cost me (including the service) $250 - so an extra $100 or so for derestricing.

    May as well make the call and get it done - why not? It'd suck knowing I could have more power :)

    I can live on baked beans and toast for a few more weeks!
  6. i highly doubt they needed to restrict a cruiser for sale in oz, the restricted bikes were the ones that made around 45hp and got dropped to 40. i dont think there is a 250 cruiser in the world even close to that :p
  7. did you ask them how the would derestrict your bike?
  8. It's usually a cover/baffle attached to the airbox that restricts the amount of air that can enter. On domestic 250's it's not electronic. Since you've said there's an associated cost with it, that may mean that the (air) restrictor is not removable and that a (unrestricted) replacement part (such as airbox cover) has to be used. Or the extra cash could just be for labour...

    All grey import bikes are electronically limited to 180km/h, it's simple to derestrict yourself.
  9. Yeah dude, I'd ring them back up and say that you're interested in having it done, but would like some more info. Ask what they will actually do to the bike, and how much more performance you should expect to gain. If it is as simple as removing a part, you could prolly do it yourself.

    I'm with Coco and Nova though, probably won't really be worth it on a VN250...
  10. so if you took the baffle off would you have to re-jet the carbs? i had the tank and air box off the cbr250 recently, and i saw the baffle there but left it in (i don't know how it affects the airflow)
  11. Yeah just called them back and asked about what exactly he'd be doing.

    Basically it is just a baffle over the air-intake. Apparently for sale here the holes or valves or something are smaller - and they'd be removing this and replacing with a new cover.

    I asked how much more power it would give me, he said I would notice considerable difference... but then again that's salesman talk!

    I am intrigued. If i could get more power off the mark i'd go for it... Maybe i'll look at it as something to do next service when I can afford to splurge on minor imrpovements.

    I think the best way to get more power is to get a bigger bike hahaha
  12. thats the ONLY way to get any real extra power. rest of its a waste of money ATM, a 250 is still gutsless no matter what you do with it (strokers excepted). spend your money on grog or music or fast women, at least then it'll be a worthwhile investment :grin:
  13. The usual way of restricting them is to place a little fixed rubber thing in the carb inlets - which is usually best 'fixed' with a sharp scalpel and cutting it out. If they're charging you $100 to cut out a couple of bits of plastic i'd question the value... but hey, it's your money. :grin:
  14. awesome koma,
    I'll give it a burl ... I like taking things apart :D

    The problem is putting em back together. But with my baby I won't get sidetracked.


    That money saved will most definately go towards my new iPod fund... Damn thing fell out of my backpack riding to work the other week.
  15. He's also paying for their knowledge.

    I had an XR250 as my first bike. It came with intake and exhaust restrictors. Removing these and the exhaust baffle gave a very large (relatively speaking of course :)) increase in HP. Seat of the pants dyno suggests atleast 25% more oomph.

    I say go for it. Its better to regret something you did than something you didnt do.
  16. cbr250's aren't restricted (except for 180 km'h limiter, but unlikely you'll reach it), so I'd leave the airbox well alone. Mucking around with stuff like this can/will make the bike run worse.

    No 4 cylinder 250's that I know of are restricted in the same way that countmacula's bike is.