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Derbi Racing GP1 250

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rpmorrell, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Took delivery of our bikes, today.

    We did some low speed manouvers about the paddock to get a feel for the balance & braking on uneven & slippery surfaces. Then we took them for a spin.

    You could tell the engines etc were very new & tight by how little they coasted when throttling off.....no need for any brakes.
    Though we did use the brakes when some young cows were on the road, & were a bit jumpy.....probably coz I was looking like a psychedelic space matador....you'll see what I mean in the pics.

    Just gotta set the rear springs to suit.

    Rob & Shel

  2. they look pretty good hey.
  3. So do you guys fight over them? are they identical? Does Shelly's have a pink bow on it somewhere so that you can tell them apart?

    Great leathers, you guys taking those things on the track or keeping them for road runs only?
  4. Cheers guys,

    We bought them for the road.
    We race our 2T scoots for enough of a rush. They've become a bit too "tricky" & unreliable for the roads apart from being illegal in many ways.

    The Derbis @ 140Kg's, 4T 250cc injected on the sport frame is the kind of road ride we want up here in the hills of Sunny Coast Hinterland.
    We wanted something that was reliable, chuckable, & that wouldn't need any tuning/tinkering with by me.

    The rego is enough to tell them apart.

    The leathers are newly aquired primarily for racing.
    We've been allowed to get by with textiles for too long already. Shel had a good slide across the track that went straight through the textiles: no injuries.
    We've seen one of the youngies racing in the Youngstar Series end with the bike pinning him down: if it were the exhaust on textiles then we'd have a second or 2 before skin gets welded with plastic: ugly & paniful!
    So, loud as mine are, when we're out for a day's riding then it'll the leathers for me.

    Rob :wink:
  5. Nice scooters,

    I was looking at these recently and hope to test ride one soon, they do look like fun
  6. They look awesome. Saw some scary pricing though a couple of months ago....what have they settled at ?
  7. They look like a couple of angry aliens coming at ya!!!

    Great fun will be had, I am sure :).
  8. Checking through the list here Scottersales 250 list I found that, apart from the Derbi, out of the injection models, only the Aprilia Sportscity is under $8K.
    I don't reckon on the pricing for new Derbis to go down, & I consider it good value for money priced at $7,750 as listed on the Scootersales site.

    The handling of the bike is real good fun: I enjoy going through the different styles to get the bike round the corners....very easy.

    Anyways, horses for courses etc :)
  9. Just the other day I saw Sportcity selling for 7,500 ride away. How would these Derbis compare to Aprilias?
  10. No idea how they compare against eachother. Maybe try finding a dealership that stock both & can offer un-biased road test reviews.

    All I can say about the Derbi is that, to me, it's a bike that offers quite a few riding positions. Great fun up in Biking Country roads. Has Twist & Go fun & convenience.
    I do miss that step-thru feature of regular scooters, but this is a minor point that only lasts for as long as it takes to get on the bike......after that it's all Woo Hoo! :grin:
    Another minor negative is the small digital readout for the speedo.

    Some of the stores that stock the Derbi, also run Sunday scooter runs, & there's been a few regular riders that have had an extended test ride of the Derbi with such group.

    A few people I know have an extensive background of road bikes & scoots: they rave about the Derbi.
    It's got a good solid power plant in the form of the Piaggio Quasar.
    It's got a good solid frame yet quite light compared to other 250 scoots.
    Chuckable yet solid steering.

    Me & Mrs just been out for a 3-hour ride.
  11. Hi ya Rob.
    How you and Shel Going with those new skoots?

    I got to sit on one last week and was surprised at how tall they were.. lucky I ride a T-Max so it didnt put me off. They look good too. How do you get yourselves on? I couldnt decide which was more comfy: step thro or sling my leg over like on a bike.

    It wasnt a demo model so I couldnt take it for a run. Sad. Dunno how they will sell if you cant try em.
  12. Shel's a bit of a short arse, & has to grab her leg & hoist it over the centre beam while the bike is on its side stand.
    Certainly the lack of a step thru does present a bit of a hurdle for some. I'm not too bad with the bike: I swing my leg over the back....even in my sqweeky new leathers! :LOL:

    There is a very similar model: the Derbi Rambla that has the step-thru feature yet the same Derbi geometry, & sporty looks etc etc. The other main difference is it's a little heavier.

    We're just about to do the 1,000K service. The bikes are going great, & we're enjoying them heaps.
    I'd say the Rambla might be better for the metro rider doing regular short trips & long trips, but likes to have a blast on weekends in the countryside etc.
    The Derbi GP1 Racing is just up our alley, living out in the hills here. The shortest journey is 20Km, & it's 80-100kph winding hilly roads everywhere round here. It's just so good to handle!

    There are a few other bikes out there that have that strong Piaggio Quasar engine. There's a Vespa 300 GTS Super that I guess would provide a quality ride, if your looking for something with fuel injection.
    Apilia Sportscity looks like the same engine, too.

    For sure, I do sometimes miss the step-thru feature of a regular scoot when doing the shopping. I mean, carrying a 9kg gas bottle or a slab etc......can't do that on the Derbi, but it's no biggy.
    I rested a 20litre bag of potting mix on the centre beam quite easily.
    I plan to knock up some panniers for the centre beam. I've read that rucksacks aren't the safest thing to be wearing if one has a spill.

    I had a good night ride recently. The low beam is a powerful fog lamp style beam. The high beam seems not to match the low......maybe because the light is pointing out where you can't really see it hitting. I would like the high brighter, but I'm sure the bulb wattage is the same as the low.
    Anyways, I could do my high speed corners & navigate the twisty undulations pretty good in the pitch black of the countryside.

    My only gripe (if you can call it that) is the digital speedo....it's too small to read properly. There's nice big analogue tacho, but a tiny speedo, & it's easy to be suddenly speeding.....just gotta pay attention.

    I'm possibly gonna buy the screen. I'll see how things go through summer, first though. I rather think the pic makes the screen look too "pedestrian" & it doesn't seem to match the Derbi. I can imagine me grinding off the edges to make is rounder & sportier & fitting it so that it's angled back quite a bit.

    [​IMG] Might shop around for a generic screen.

    I'd say if you like a bit of "Woo Hoo" countrside riding, then the Derbi rocks. I reckon it's priced pretty good compared to other 250i scoots.

    Rob :grin:
  13. Nah, got me wires crossed about the Rambla. Doesn't really look anything like the GP1.
  14. I agree with you Rob. The screen looks like it belongs on a Vespa or similar, not a sporty scoot like the GP.
  15. Screens are a thing! My T-Max came with a bloody great tourer screen.. like riding behind a plastic wall. Also Came with a standard screen, like putting your head in a washing machine. So I cut down the standard to more sports screen size. The effect was amazing... good clean air, no wachine machine affect and no more cold air whooshing down my back, so its warmer to ride with it cut down, even in cold Tassie!
  16. When out on a ride on Sunday, me & Mrs stopped by at http://www.aprilbella.com.au/ , a ladies bike apparel store in Beerburrum.

    Chatting with the owners, they recommended "Creative perspex tel 5495 3634" in Caboolture for a custom windshield.
    I'd be hoping the guy knows what will work for us.

    We've got some ideas....hoping it wont be a crazy price.