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Depressed asphalt

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. G'day All.

    Where I park my Hornet - always in the exact same spot so as to lock it and to distance it from contact with the rear of reverse-parking cars - there's a growing depression in the asphalt from the sidestand. I want to fill it with something that will create a solid spot for my sidestand. In a different street I once used putty I had left over from bogging a dented tank. It eventually split. I can't be stuffed chucking down a piece of metal plate every time, for reasons I can't be stuffed explaining. What do you recommend that I should fill the hole with? Something cheap and cheerful from the Hardware store, say. I'll spray-paint it black when it's set.

  2. A small steel plate with a hole in it, hammer a nail into it to hold it in place,
  3. Is the side stand a cast or worked peice? Weld the metal plate to the sidestand.
  4. park 20 cm to the left or right?
  5. +1 deadman and messy, but if you want to fill it I'd suggest a car bog that has reinforcing fibres in it, check Supercrap, but the nailed steel plate would last longer.:nail:
  6. Or you could kill two birds with one stone, hammer a speed camera flat and put it in the hole.:demon:
  7. Epoxy resin
  8. Crush a soft drink can and carry that with you.

    That way you can use it where ever you park the bike and it's easily replaced if you lose it.

    Councils or the land owner would frown upon anyone fiddling with their footpath without premission not to mention the damage your side stand is already doing to a foot path.
  9. Not sure anyone can really complain about the normal use of a motorvehicle damaging the surface it is being used (or parked) on.

    To extent the softdrink can idea, I think it would better to carry a full one around. That way you get to have a drink when you park your bike.

    In my googling a while back, I saw someone selling a metal "thing" that you attach to the bottom of the stand to make its footprint bigger. Beats carrying something around imho.
  10. OP already stated an antipathy towards carrying extra stuff, so the drink can method is probably out.

    I agree with the reinforced car bog or the epoxy approach. Frankly I doubt if any authority will notice, let alone object. Even if they do, how are they going to know whodunnit?
  11. A little concrete powder a bit of water rub it in with you foot.it hardens asphalt up.it wont fill the depression though.
  12. Liquid nails...stick a flattened drink can over the dent...there, I fixed it.
  13. When I first saw the thread title I was thinking we might have to get Joel out there to talk to the bitumen so it wouldn't feel depressed :rofl:
  14. Speaking of Joel, anyone know if he's OK? I know he was posting occasionally up to a couple of months ago but even those seem to have dried up.