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Deposit paid for Hyosung GT250R!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by judas, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Well its done! Now all i have to do is wait for my black beauty to arrive from overseas!

    Its amazing how fast these bikes are selling here, they are literally gone the moment they hit the showroom floor, sometimes even before that! I went into Sharp Tune in Dandenong earlier today and they had all three colors. The black was sold but the other 2 (yellow and red) were not. 4 hours later i call up to see what their rideaway price is (just to be sure) and the guy tells me that the red one has just had a deposit been put on and the yellow one is sold. So i didnt wait and called Peter Stevens that instant and made sure that a black one was mine.

    She should be between my legs before christmas!
  2. Congratulations. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people here who'll be interested to hear how well it rides (and whether anything falls off).
  3. Out of curiosity, what is the ride away price?
  4. The rideaway price is $7490. Great bike, and pretty big for a 250 as well which is great so you wont feel cramped if your tall.
  5. where are you in croydon south judas?

    im on belmont rd east i think it is

    past the park
  6. I saw it at the sydney motor show and was very impressed. In the market for a first bike. I like the fact it is big but I am small (5'4). But it felt good and I heard you can get a lowering kit to take 40mm off the seat height. I dont need that much though. Maybe take it down to 77.

    Will be happy to know how are going with it. I will be looking to buy in Jan once I have some more funds!!

    Enjoy the bike mate!!
  7. I expect the 1000 V-Twin will sell quickly as well if it's as sharply priced as the other models in the range are.

    The 650's already show signs of moving out of showrooms at increasing rates.
  8. belmont rd east? Thats my backyard pretty much. I live only houses away from the primary school in the new estate (the gateway).
  9. near the gateway basketball court? i have an old primary school mate who lives on the corner there next to te p school.. MY p school :D:D

  10. i need to have a look at this shop, i've only seen them in Ringwood A1 motorcycles
  11. yep i live right there. Your first name wouldnt happen to be Daniel would it?
  12. haha yeyh yeh sinisha?
  13. hahaha holy crap! Your riding bikes now? Since when? This is so cool, when i get mine we gotta go out for a massive ride.
  14. yeah ive been riding since march:D

    youve never seen the green kawasaki around the ghetto?

    anyway man i gotta go now but my email is zeecosi at hotmail dot com
  15. Hyosung must be loving this. They seem to be flying out the door.

    Edit: Have to admit, I'd probably happily ride off on one too given the price they are going for. If there a red ones on show room floors after chrissy who knows.
  16. Grats Judas. I picked up my Hyosung GV250 2 weeks ago, in for its 1000k service tomorrow. It is obviously quite different to the bike you have on order (mine being a cruiser) but rides very well. Only problem so far is the pickup between 5000 and 6000 RPM but Hyosung are issueing replacement CDI modules so i have one going in tommorrow to fix that.
    Enjoy your ride,I bet you cant wait :D