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Deposit on Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Hicksey11, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey Netriders.

    I am very close to purchasing a bike in the next couple of weeks and was just wondering what you guys thought about deposits?

    Well what I really want to know is How Much do dealers usually look for to secure a bike?

    I worked in the car game for 2 years and we accepted anything from $500 up, but I had heard that it's like $1500 minimum on a bike. True or False?

    Thanks in advance

  2. $500 was sufficient for mine.
  3. I was able to secure mine with a $200 deposit :D
    Depends how bad they want your business
  4. Thanks Guys.

    And thanks to the stupid Victorian Labor day. (Good if you live in VIC), I no have to wait until tmrw to actually put this depositing business into action.


    Thanks a bunch

  5. I put 100 on mine
  6. There is no specified amount it is just depends on the dealer.
  7. +1

    There is no LEGAL minimum, but some money has to change hands to commence a legal contract.
  8. I put $1k on mine before but i offered that because i offered it on credit card and the later that i pay the better. They didnt ask for the merchant fees.
  9. I think I put $100 down on mine... I was paying the rest the same day though. :p But I remember asking what the minimum I could pay was and they said $100. I had heard something about $500 before through the same dealer so that was probably more the case, at least with them; "If you're not paying it all now, you're paying a bigger up-front deposit".
  10. I put $500 on mine, but I probably could have given them nothing really.
    I do know the dealer pretty well though
  11. Recently I went into a Harley dealership and left a huge deposit on a Fatboy. Geeeeeez they were upset with me and they wanted me to pay for the clean up.

    Seriously though, a cash deposit is just a "show of faith" to prove that you're serious about purchasing the item. What they are really interested in is your signature on the contract.
  12. Most times it's the Harley that leaves the deposit :)


    taken at last year's GP run...