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Deposit down on 2013 Night Rod

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Deposit down on 2013 night rod. Can't wait


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  2. Switching from what?
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    Should have got an M109R :blackeye:

    What was wrong with the one you already have?
  4. Is that how they all talk on Scotland Island? Christ the bbq's must be a long winded affair..........
  5. Too much too much champagne 2night.
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  6. Not switching, night rod for cruising, gixer thou for hooning
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  7. ^^^^ That's the story, a moment of clarity and a moment of insanity. Perfect.
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  8. We've all got our problems
  9. out of interest...what else did you try out?
  10. Not switching, night rod for cruising, gixer thou for hooning

    #7 basejumper, via an iPhone, Aug 14, 2015

    seems a tad conflicted.....I've never understood the passion for stationary pump motors on wheels
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  11. I pretty much went straight for the most powerful cruiser there was really. My mates had one and I couldn't believe how fast he was up the old road on it. He is a great rider though. I love riding it. The comfort, sound, looks and it's got some grunt. I think a lot of sports bike riders in here who put shit on Harley's would be surprised if they took a 130 hp night rod for a spin.
  12. I have never understood the shade that get's thrown at Harley riders or the whole sportsbike V cruiser thing.

    In my mind they're very different beasts and one can derive much enjoyment from either for completely different reasons.

    I certainly hope to have a cruiser and a 'hoon' bike in my garage at some point.
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    from memory harley got porsche to do the engine for them... it was never a slouch. I havent ridden it, (i will when i get a chance) but i had a diavel a while back and suspect the harly X-rod would be similar-ish. (the diavel has 160hp) these style of bikes can be really quick at legal speeds in straight lines... even in corners with good riders. They're geared low or rev low though so they tend to run out of puff as speeds move up.

    edit: you're going to need a new jacket ;-)
  14. Don't let the haters worry you man! Everyone seems to hang crap on Harley's, Ducati's & pretty much anything that isn't to their own taste! Each to his own man. Who cares WHAT you ride...it's THAT you ride!

    To the haters: remember, somebody thinks your bike is a POS too y'know!
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  15. Nice pair in my book! Then again, just about any bike is good to me! Enjoy.
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    Except my bike. My bike is awesome and everyone knows it!

    My only issue with Harleys is that they have marketed their product so well, that everyone who knows nothing about bikes thinks they are the best bikes made. I have been asked many times over the years "why didn't you buy a Harley". That kind of shits me when the bike I had at the time suited my riding better than anything Harley made.

    Of course their are also certain members of the Harley riding fraternity who shit me too, but that can happen with other makes of car/bike, etc
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  17. Nice looking bike. Congrats on the purchase!
  18. Yah liquid-cooled, 60-degree, Porsche-designed engine. Sweet motor, likes to rev, but none of the 'Rods riding positions work for me at all. I would love to see that engine in a Sportster.

    Congrats on the new ride, basejumperbasejumper
  19. What year model have u ridden mate ?