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Departure Day - Around Australia in 21 Days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Well I am sitting here a blubbering mess :oops:

    I knew I would cry when the boys left, but I didn't expect them to as well!

    Well, that's when I really started howling :cry:

    As some of you know, James lost his wife Kristen 3 months ago yesterday in a motorcycle accident.

    This is Andrew and James way of celebrating her life. They have their memorial badges in there top pockets over their hearts, and this trip is all about James and Kristen and the life they shared.

    Kristen packed absolutely HEAPS into her short life (36 years), like she knew that she had to do it all as soon as she could :good

    James and Kristen were always adventuring, be it bikes or on safari, and this is to celebrate her free spirit :clap

    Now I have that off my chest and I can sorta see the monitor again, here's a couple of pics of the happy/sad departure.


    Cable ties - don't leave home without them!


    And don't forget the duct tape!


    The boys
  2. Tears can wash away the heartache and cement the beautiful memories ...I hope it's cathartic for them and for you, Lianne
  3. Thanks Sarz :grin:

    I think we all needed this :)
  4. Thanks for the write up and sharing the pics

    Always good to see people chasing their dreams

    Wishing the boys safe travels
  5. It wasn't like the school camp thing was it? YOu know how the busload of kids gets around the corner and all the parents lose their sad expressions and start jumping up and down in happiness?!! ;) :p

    ;) :LOL:

    So when does the 3wk party at your place begin? :dance:

    Seriously though - best wishes to Andrew and James. :)

    And *hugs* to you. :) Might drop around sometime soon. :)

    Rosie xx

    ps... cable tie piccy = problems before he left?
  6. Wow... What a really nice way to remember someone. Wishing them a safe trip, i am sure Kristen is smiling down on them. :)
  7. I hope they have a wonderfully safe trip.. and they got far enough out of Gippsland before the cold snap hit
  8. thanks for the pictures and reason behind the trip

    what a great memorial

  9. Safe journey to the boys and I'm sure Kristen will be travelling along with them.
    Blessings to you all.
  10. The cable ties were to make sure that nothing is going to be falling off anytime soon Rosie :grin:

    And it wasn't like it was with the kids with camp, I was always with them as the only female supervisor :?

    Now, when the youngest started school, did I sing and dance that day :LOL:

    The boys will be averaging about 800km a day, but they are going to learn how to monoe with full loads on the Nullabor :roll:

    Then they are going to do some bike swapping, but I somehow think they will all be fighting over the Boulevard :wink:

    They have no set route, but the first goal is to get across the Nullabor to Perth :)
  11. Thanks for sharing with us Cruisingal. That's a sad, yet uplifting story. Prayers and best wishes for the guys' trip.
  12. As they say - God Speed.

    They have at least one angel looking over them eh?
  13. I remember when that was posted here on Netrider . It was a sad time .
    Looks like a wonderful way to remember her . I wish them a safe journey .
  14. Nothing sad there, sweetie.

    It's a tribute to someone and to the way she lived.

    I'd be proud to express my love that way.

    Well done.
  15. Mmm
    Know your acke Lianne. Lots of hugs .

    " Much as I own I owe
    The passers of the past
    Because their to and fro
    Has cut this road to last
    I owe them more today
    Because they've gone away


    How often is the case
    I thus pay men a debt
    For having left a place
    And still do not forget
    To pay them some sweet share
    For having once being there "

    Sorry . Just a few drinks and visions of you crying over the monitor brought out the Frost in me.

  16. That is so beautiful Kate :( :)

    Well their first day was uneventful, and today they head to Manangatang (for a party :? ) then they think Port Augusta will be the next stop.

    I only hope the weather is going to be better today for them.

    They left here yesterday (with the wind chill factor taken into account) it was 2.4 degrees :shock:

    I will post some pics up as they send them through to me :cool:
  17. That's so sweet.
    Wishing them a safe and lovely trip, let us know how it all goes :grin:
  18. They left Port Augusta this morning, and sent some lovely shots to my phone.

    Only thing is, I can't get them off my phone onto the puter...I can't find the software disk (Motorola V3x) :evil:

    Today has been the best day weather-wise for them, and it will only get better from here on...until they start heading back down to Victoria :roll:

    Bikes are going great, not missing a beat, and Andrew said he doesn't have any problems with long periods on the FZ1. Wishes he had of bought it 12 months ago :roll:

    Sounds like they are having an awesome time, and have a drink (or 3) to Kristen each night :grin:
  19. Hey cruisingal, i think you can get the software from here:


    Looking forward to seeing the pics.

  20. Any word on how they're doing Lianne?