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Departing Sydney to destinations unknown.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Clowndog, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just wondering if any Sydney based netriders could offer me some advise. I passed my L’s and P’s last month and im now set to pickup my bike, a 2007 V-Strom, in three days time.

    The long term plan is to do a couple of 3 to 4 day trips over the next 18 months in preparation for my main objective, a 3 month trip around Australia.

    The short term plan is to become as comfortable and confident with the bike as I can over the next few weeks before heading out to test my legs on a 2 to 3 day excursion out of Sydney.

    Im looking for any route & destination suggestions you may be able to offer that would be suitable for a nice beginner friendly round trip.

    Things to keep in mind-

    • Leave on a Thursday to return on the Saturday or Sunday.
      Hotel/Motel or camping accommodation available.
      Quiet or mostly quiet low traffic roads.
      Mainly tar or very small sections of novice friendly dirt.
      Very novice oriented twisties if any.

    I think that about covers it. I realise I could easily throw a route together myself with the help of google maps but nothing compares to advice from people who have been around and seen it first hand.

    Looking forward to any suggestions. Thanks !
  2. any twisties riding at your own pace will be fine, especially as it seems you will be riding theses rides by yourself? is that the plan?

    a good trip to do over a couple of days, head out to windors up the putty to singleton, then up the new england to tamworth, then across to walcha, camping and hotels are available, from their you can head down to port macquarie via the oxley or go back out to the new england and head north to tenterfeild then up into qld over the mountains, there are some decent unsealed roads up over the top in the border ranges

    actually before i go any futher check out this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30756
    it is rosies trip to qld, she was on her L's and names a few decent camping spots up in the area i'm talking about
  3. Come with us next weekend on the oxley weekend! See the nsw events page for details. Not positive if we have spaces free, but if we do you should consider coming.
  4. good idea Phiz!! I'm not sure howmany spaces we have left in current accomodation but maybe can fit one more?? If you're keen post a request up
  5. no jared he shouldn't he doesn;t have the experience tpo be doing that ride, if he told tweet what he had done, tweet would again as he has said to another rider that he won't take them
  6. Hmm fair point I just read the OP post, yeah really need a fairly decent amount of all condition riding experience for the trip.

    Next time.
  7. +1

    Not enough experience as yet for this ride at this pace. Just so you know, there are no more spots available.
  8. Head out west to Cobar or Broken Hill, I used to live out there a few years ago.
    It's bitumen all the way from Sydney if you want it to be and, apart from the last sections, there is plenty of accomodation along the way if you need to stop.

    It should only take you 1-1.5 days to BH depending on how hard you try and will definiltely give you a feel for those wide open spaces, the heat, the flies and for watching for the wildlife (no fences) and getting covered with locust juice :grin: :grin:
    There's a shipload of good dirt tracks out there to get lost on too.

    Maps and water are essential especially in the warmer months, it can get incredibly hot out there.
  9. ...and im pretty sure TWEET is not saying this because he assumes you cant ride, or that you are not welcome. more because the ride will be aimed at advanced skills, and he is comfortable taking the people, whose riding ability is known to him, on this particular ride. dont feel isolated from the group, go to coffee, do some of the more laid back rides and get to know everyone ;)

    welcome BTW :grin:
  10. Hey lads, thanks for the feedback.

    I saw the oxley ride listed a few days before I posted this up but really, I expected the best thing to do would be to set out on my own and get some experience at my own pace. Sounds like a blast tho, will be looking forward to reading the reports and joining one myself once my skill level reaches my ambition level, dont laugh, it could happen :)

    Im thinking of doing the following, solo and at my own pace over a period of 4 days riding.

    Windsor to Singleton via Putty Road
    Singleton to Gloucester via Scone and Barrington Tops
    Gloucester to Walcha via Thunderbolts Way
    Walcha to Taree via The Oxley Highway & Comboyne Road
    Taree to Newcastle via The Lakes Way & Pacific Hwy
    Newcastle to Galston via Pacific Freeway or Pacific Highway
    And finally Galston to home via The Old Northern Road

    I have friends in Taree / Newcastle so adding value to the trip (read - saving money on accomodation)

    Anyone seen any major oversights or pitfulls to the above route that I may need to adjust ?

    Thanks again.

    Trip 2 may be out west as Easyrollin has suggested. thanks.
  11. You will love Thunderbolts from Gloucester to Walcha, and the Oxley to Comboyne rd. I have heard that Comboyne rd is pretty crap although all sealed now, but on the strom it will be a no brainer.