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Departing a car ferry

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolski, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Well after 2 years, it finally happened, I dropped my beloved 2 wheeled warrior , it happened leaving a car ferry, I've learnt my lesson, don't be too close behind a vehicle when departing, if it stops all of a sudden and u are right where the ferry ramp meets the road, ground clearence becomes way high, yr feet have no contact to ground and down u go!, hopefully this will help other NR's out there

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  2. That sucks mate. Much damage?
  3. Crossing those tram track like rails on the ramp face is not to clever either.
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  4. Surprisely, no, couple scratches on muffler and as shown in pic, just my pride was damage, ferry was full, done my drop act in front about 40 people

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  5. By the sounds of it the worst part was the 40 sets of eyes watching. At least the bike is an easy fix and you probably won't see any of those people again!
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  6. #6 Andrew West, Oct 13, 2016
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    Bummer RolskiRolski , whack that one in the knowledge bank and put it down to experience.
    Another one to watch out for is turning into a driveway where the gutter edge is a raised rolled edge and not a smooth incline. If you stop while straddling the gutter edge and you're front wheel is on the driveway and a rear still on the road with a result of the same issue you had of an increased height clearance to get your foot down.
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  7. Haha, very much so blue, at first I managed to get off bike without falling, but then the downward momentum, saw me go down like a sack of spuds, I'm guessing I would of put on,an amusing show:)
  8. Rule 1 for dirtbike riding and my first damage done to a bike,take care where you stop.
    Telescopic legs help a lot. Big market for them
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  9. Welcome to Tassie. Damn unlucky to have had that little drop but it's done and dusted now so enjoy the adventure to come. Do watch out for heaps of wildlife on the roads near dusk or at night and be careful of their carcasses in blind corners. Hitting one can not only be scary but they stink like shite and it gets everywhere. Watch our corners they are rarely sign posted and can be nasty if you aren't expecting them to be either really tight or to keep going around a lot further than you may be used to.
    If you get to Port Arthur try a night at Stewarts Bay Lodge their cabins are warm and comfy plus the food at their restaurant is top notch plus there is a nice wood fire and well stocked bar - perfect place to warm up, relax and spend time with your dad. There is a walking track into the historic site , entering by the back door, and if you are cheeky like me you can have a good explore for free.... if you do get challenged play the tourist card 1st then tell them the signage on this path does not mention paying. We walked in at 4.30 pm and spent 2 hrs exploring with no problems and bugger all tourists around, perfect for pics.
    At Port Arthur ride south to Remarkable cave and Maignon Bay very scenic. At Eaglehawk Neck turn left out to Pirates Bay via Doo Town check out the blowhole, Devil's Kitchen etc. There is food at a popup cafe at the blowhole. Good food at Bangor Oysters on right just befoer you hit Dunalley on your way back from Pt Arthur.
    Freycinet Lodge is a good place for a feed at Coles Bay (East Coast), The Pub in the Paddock at Pynegana is an interesting old pub with food and accommodation (north of St Helens) don't forget to buy a beer to feed to the pet pig and ride up the road to St. Columbia falls.
    Cradle Mountain is a good place to stay but check weather first. Stanley is also a good bike friendly base to explore the north west. Strahan on the west coast is also good. Bruny Island is a scenic ride as is the ride down the Dentrecasteaux channel - Woodbridge Etc.
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  10. Good to hear minimal physical damage. Lucky ( or were you?) no one filmed it and put it up on Facebook or YouTube.

    Being a little vertically challenged and speaking with some experience here, take care when you stop on a country road and try to put your foot down where there is either a significant level difference between tar and earth shoulder or a pothole.
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  11. That sucks RolskiRolski. Glad the bike is OK.... pride is overrated! Thanks for the heads up.
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  12. Bo
    Noted, Tks West
    No probs Kate, u don't think of that danger spot where ramp meets road, after my silly mistake, I realise now don't be so bloody eager to get off ferry and give yourself room between vehicle in front of u and where ramp meets road, happy riding!
  13. Yes that's right Returned, being in the vertically challenged club myself,I pay extra attention where I park my bike
  14. gday RolskiRolski, mate, you need to ramp it up a bit... sorry :sorry:

    glad you and your ride are ok!
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  15. Nothing like an audience...
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  16. that's what she said...

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  17. Folsom , Timely advice . thanks for the info on ferry crossings. I plan to take a ride this weekend in the hawesbury that has two ferry crossings
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  18. Rolski . Dam auto spelling correction
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  19. No probs Iron, funnily enough, i dropped my bike on one of those ferry's that go to St Albans, beautiful ride up there, if u don't like going on dirt rd's, don't go the other back to wisemans ferry, go back the same way
  20. Since yr going over 2 ferry crossings, I'm guessing yr going to St Albans?