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Dented tank roadworthiness? {moved from general}

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by danmason, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. So there's a couple of bikes around that have a bit of tank damage which are going for really cheap. Was wondering if anyone has any idea if a dent that doesn't affect the operation of the tank will affect roadworthiness?

    Also, just out of curiosity the bike might be out of rego so does anyone know if the costs are significantly more for registration of an unregistered bike in VIC?

  2. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?

    Yep. Transferring rego just requires paying a transfer fee and duty.
    New rego on an unregistered vehicle requires having it inspected by PrickToads (and paying money to book the appointment, and for the appointment itself), you may also have to pay for new plates depending on how long it's been out of rego for.

    This page:
    Will give you an idea of the differences. Use the calculator at the bottom for an unregistered bike, for a registered bike the cost will just be the duty plus I think a $35-40 transfer fee (remaining rego is carried over so you don't pay that till it's due).
  3. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?

    I have had bikes that have had dents pass NSW roadworthiness on multiple occasions (I like cheap bikes). Vic may or may not be different.

    Edit: Just watch if the dent has flaked the paint and the exposed metal is rusting, they might have issue with that.
  4. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?

    Be careful the bike is not a repaired write off.
  5. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?

    I've tried the vicroad page before but it's about as clear as fog. Firstly the page errors and i can't see any totals. Also, if i'm using the "Initial registration fees" does that include the renewal registration fees? Am i correct in assuming that under the "Initial reg fees" there aren't any more of the transfer/rego fees on top of it?
  6. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?

    Ah, so it's not just me that gets an error in the total. Easy enough to just use a calculator (or do a rough approximation in your head).

    There's no fees involved in selling a vehicle that's unregistered as far as I'm aware (certainly wasn't any when I bought my last unrego'd vehicle in VIC). So the "initial registration fee" is the total of what you have to pay to essentially get the vehicle back onto the system, and pay for a full years rego/TAC premium.

    A registered vehicle you only pay the $40 transfer fee and stamp duty on. The rego being something you don't have to pay until it's due (so big difference between buying a bike with 1 month rego left and one with 11).
  7. Re: Dented tank roadworthiness?


    Stamp Duty
    plate fee
    I think if it's been unregistered for more than 3 months it requires a visual inspection at Vicroads.
  8. Thanks for clearing it up. Looks like rego isn't as bad as i thought it would be.

    Anyone know anything about dented tanks?
  9. "The body (non-structural - fairings, mudguards, tank, seat, accessories) of all vehicles (incl m/c.) must be free from any damage which might increase the risk or severity of injury to any occupant, pedestrian, or other motorist." VSI 26

    So, it's testers discretion. Again.

    Feeling lucky?
  10. Dont forget the RWC..