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Dented tank - any advice ???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Hey there ....my query is: I now (thanks to some A-hole in Lygon Street) have a small dent , about the size of a twenty cent peice, on the left hand side of my tank.

    I've got a new V-Strom (only had it 2 weeks) so the bike's immaculate. There's no damage to the paint and the dent is quite shallow but as obvious as a dog's danglies. Not sure what's happened. Can only guess some git has parked his bike too close and has clipped it when taking off stand or similar.

    Anyhow....is there a method of fixing without replacing or full on panel and paint? My Insurance excess is $400 and I'm really reluctant to claim coz they'll slug me next year when I go to renew?

    Other than that..If I do need to get it paneled and painted, can you guys recommend someone in Melbourne ???
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  3. i checked out dent master seem they can only pull it of if they have access to the back of the damaged panel. At least thats what i got from their site Intresting method thou
  4. Thanks guys for the advice.

    Gave Dentmaster a call and they were f*#$king hopeless. Receptionist just said "No".

    No explanation or anything. Reminded me of that character on Little Britain "Computer says no."

    Anyway, it was definitely worth a phone call, Cheers.
  5. www.pdrtek.com.au for all your automotive paintless dent repair needs.

    It will depend on where the dent is, how deep it is and if they can get access to the dent. They service Melbourne metro and S.E. Subrubs. :cool:
  6. I fell off my SV650 a little while ago and had a similar dent (well, a bit bigger 20c...), and after getting several quotes ranging from $400+ to repair to $1000+ to replace the tank, I found someone who was willing to try to pull it out.

    $50 later, the dent is *mostly* gone, not really visible anymore, and you can *just* feel it if you look for it. He used these strange stick on things, and then slide hammer to tap it out.