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dented tank and pipe - advice needed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by josh909, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. i had my first off today (just outside wollombi) and now need to get some repairs done.

    my staintune pipe is dented - the metal isn't creased, so i'm hoping it can be fixed.

    my tank has a dent from where the arour in my knee hit it. it doesn't look major to the degree that it's hard to notice. downside is that the paint has cracked so it will need some attention.

    if anyone can recommend where to get either fixed (in sydney), i will be grateful. :)

  2. I cant recommend where but the staintune can be re-skinned fairly cheaply.

    Sorry to hear about your loss with the fight against gravity :(
  3. excellent... that's what i was hoping.

    thanks... i was lucky. the corner proceeding the one i came off on had a guard rail... the one after a heap of trees. :shock:

    it's funny, for a few hours after i couldn't stop smiling (my first off and all with no ~major~ damage) however now my shoulder is absolutely killing and is going to require a trip to the medical centre tomorrow for xrays :|
  4. Nooooooooooo not the shoulder.

    BAD SHOULDER!!!!!!!

    Mine is absolutely killing me and has done so since 1999.

    Every now and then it clicks so bloody loud that others always say "fwoar, what was that!!!" They kinda feel it when they see me cringe :(

    Lets hope it aint serious.
  5. Damn Vic...
    Human bodies suck arse.

    Justin, who has dodgy fingers, d!cky knees and a crook neck.
  6. Bugger mate.

    I'm looking into something called "Paintless dent removal". It's where they use magnets to suck out the dent instead of doing the weld and fix. That way you don't need a paint job. (But it sounds like you need one anyway).

    BTW it ain't cheap. $550 is for a little tank ding....

    Might be a little slow in sorting it out though, as I'm a little busy for next couple of weeks.
  7. update: after spending saturday night in rather bad pain and severe lack of movement i went to the medical centre on sunday morning where they told me to get an xray. because i didn't feel like sitting in the emergency room for 7 hours i held off and over the course of the day it got much better. right now it's at about 90% - full movement and still a little sore.

    the tank is going to be a standard panel beat and spray - no surprises there.

    the pipe is going to be reskinned, or the other suggestion was to have a sheet of carbon fibre wrapped around it. can anyone comment on the feasibility of this?
  8. thpeak for yourthelf, big boy....
  9. Not all carbon is made equal.

    Yoshi, whilst they make the BEST zorst out there, make/use the worst carbon fibre known to man.
    My carbon can faded after only 12 months and looked very very dull.
    It was never left in the sun for long periods and was always garaged when at home but it still faded.

    Ive seen some other cans retain their lustre for years (roo racing is one of them) but imo they sound pox.
  10. it's looking more and more like i might need to resort to making an insurance claim. the right hand side pillion bracket has bent in... when the rear shock is close to full compression something is making contact :?

    i'm going to take it to my mechanic tomorrow and get some professional advice and a ballpark figure to do all the repairs before working out if it's cost effective to make a claim.
  11. For some reason it took me three reads to realise you didn't write "pantiless dent removal."

    I was thinking, no wonder it's so expensive...
  12. Sorry should have edited that.

    The normal way to remove a dent is $550 (because it requires a repaint).

    The paintless dent removal doesn't require a repaint, but I'm not sure if they do motorcycle tanks.

    And get your mind out of the gutter Loz :)