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Dented radiator

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Check out my radiator! I don't know what the hell did this to it...haven't dropped the bike and don't recall any hard whack to it whilst riding. Must've been a hard whack to do that to it. Considering my shin aint that far behind there, I'm glad whatever it was got the radiator instead of me. :shock: (That's if it happened whilst riding). My other theory is that someone's dropped it whilst the steering lock was on and the radiator's hit the kerb - this could have happened in the uni car park and the angle is just about right for it too.


  2. My vote: UNI car park.

    Looks like someone gave it a love tap with something hard, like a tow bar perhaps. Hmm, a bit high for a tow bar. Perhaps an aftermarket rear bar on a 4WD. If you hit something while splitting to UNI, there would probably be more paint off. :p

    If it aint leaking, and it hasn't moved the radiator in its mounts, I'd ignore it. Perhaps just a little black touchup paint to prevent rust setting in. It may cause rust on the inner surface of the radiator, which isn't good, so just watch if the colour of the coolant changes, and ask your service man for an opinion at the next service.
  3. If it's not leaking Rosie leave it till your ready too sell, if you do want it fixed theres a place in dandy that can do it for you, i'll get the number if you like.
  4. Rosie i wouldnt mind betting thats the corner of someones car door as in rear door maybe ?? someones opened the door on it the tank is alloy so would dent easy !!
  5. eek.

    no surrounds?

    didn't realise the VTR doesn't have radiarot surrounds like the spada.

    If it's not leaking its not going to cause trouble...but does ruin the pristine look it had.
  6. Damage is cosmetic - no leaking. Will leave it forever and ever. (never selling this bike..never!)

    UNI carpark - can't have been a tow bar as I park facing a kerb and there's fence on the other side of that. Bikes however do park alongside me and I'm just wondering whether someone's pulled in there and knocked mine over...with the steering lock on it could've fallen onto the kerb and got the radiator right there, without doing damage to anything else - no other marks or scratches on the bike.

    If done riding along, it could have been a rock or something? It looks too 'rounded' to be that though.

    Bluestorm - it's pretty hard..I can't imagine a car door doing that kind of damage to it. Would've knocked teh bike over before denting it surely.
  7. Drew - where can I get me some of these radiarot surrounds? :p

    It's never looked pristine to me anyway - cos I treat it mean :twisted: :LOL: hahaha...yep.
  8. apart from my dodgy typing.... :p no idea.. the Spada has plastic and alloy casing on the sides of the rediator. attached with small screws from memory.
  9. I've seen them on line Rosie, do a look for 'radiator shrounds' or such
  10. I don't know how I'd go fitting the surround on it anyway, now that it's dented. Wouldn't mind putting a guard on there (is that the same thing as the surround?) though.
  11. You would have known if that had happened while riding!

    That has taken a very hard push from the front to the back. If the bike had been knocked on its side the dent would have been inwards, rather then pushed back.

    Most likely a bullbar or the back of a tray truck/ute, or as someone else suggested, one of those ugly rear light protectors seen on some vehicles. It's a sharp-edged depression, and the bike was probably pushed back on its stand a little as well. A rock or concrete object would have left a rough impression - this is smooth.

    Sorry you have had such a thing happen. If it doesn't leak it won't matter. It also won't rust on the inside - it's aluminium and that's what coolant is for! You would be able to get a suitable radiator from a wrecker - there are a number with late model VTRs in stock in the Melbourne area.


    Trevor G
  12. sharp edge???

    hit any birds lately rosie?basically anything that gets flicked of the road of a decent size could do that without you noticing, if your concentrating on what you are doing, but it definately couldn't have been knocked over it would have signs of gravel rash, even with a stationary drop
  13. Seems to be the general consensus. Some Netriders looked at it last night and thought the same. Oh well. At least it's only cosmetic. Barsteds - hope they shit.
  14. I'm sure we could find some one to fit it for ya rosie
  15. get it pressure tested just in case theres a leak there somewhere that could expand when it gets hot.

    I've been hit in the leg with a lump of wood doing 100 and it wasnt enough to hurt me so i doubt it was while the bike was moving.
  16. It's already been looked at - the guys who do the service etc were the ones who noticed the dent. They said there's no leakage.

    Woodsy - Ta but I might just leave it for now....couldn't be bothered.... :LOL: