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Dent Removal tools

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thefloppy1, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Ok so I have managed to pick up a small dent in my Tank, I have no idea how it got there. it is on the right hand side of the tank, it is very shallow, and looks to be simular radius to a helmet.

    Being very shallow I want to try removing the dent with out having to re-spray the whole thing.

    It has been grating on me to have it there, so I want to pust it back out, as it is on a metal tank, I need to be fairly carefull. I am looking for a place in Melbourne that I can pick up some hand tools to push it out from the inside. I guess I will also be needing a heater(radiant) to warm the metal a little as well.

    has anybody done this, or know where to get some tools to do this.

  2. Mate it strikes me you are out of you comfort zone.

    there are mobs that can use a vacuum system to remove panel dents. This is your best bet.

    Anything more than that will require a respray.
  3. Have you tried the poor man's dent removal tool, an old fashioned sink plunger? A tank might be a bit beyond it, but I've seen good results on shallow dents in car doors, bonnets and boot lids.
  4. @ PatB: That is one think that did cross my mind as I sat there pouting about The think with the suction style dent removal is that you need a large flat surface to make sure that you get suction. also a bike tank is alot thicker than a car panel.

    @ibast: not really out of my depth here, just dont know where to get the tools. Once when I worked in a hardware store would have get hold of suppliers until I found what i need.

    Infact there is a good vid on youtube about paintless dent removal. Problem is he is in the states and has this stuff close at hand, here we just dont seem to have it. it is like we have forgotten how to do stuff our selves.
  5. super cheap etc. they aren't cheap iirc
  6. *Slaps Forhead*

    Thanks Thera, I dont expect them to be cheap. I own a Duc, nothing is cheap. Supacheap is the one place I didn't try.

    Looked at everybody else though....
  7. And don't forget they are tailored for Car's. we have a full kit at the farm.
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    I've used SuperCheaps flat budget dent puller on my Valiant and its worked a treat. I'd recommend it, and its only $5.

    Interestingly, if its a shallow dent...get a hairdryer and a can of compressed CO2 (PC dust remover). Heat the affected area (drain tank first) until quite warm, then hold CO2 can upside down and spray area. The outside will contract first, pulling the dint out without leaving a scratch.


    Cheers - boingk
  9. ohh never thought of that... hmmm might try it.

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    Ha! That's awesome!