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dent in frame - will it pass blue slip?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jaeyon, May 7, 2008.

  1. hi all bought my bike damaged and it has 2 dents in the left hand side frame. bike rides fine but i am going to get the blue slip done soon and need to know if i have to fix this first. here are some pics.


  2. sorry .. NOPE
    That's usually classed as structural damage here in Vic. I assume the same there.
  3. You always wanted a track bike right?
  4. ok if it wont pass any ideas how i can fix it? was told panel beater will be able to pull the dent out a bit and then fill it up?
  5. p.s. bike was sold as a REPAIRABLE write off, so im assuming this means the frame is ok?
  6. If that's an Al alloy frame then no - you'd be wanting to take that to someone who actually knows what they're doing (ie somewhere that fixes bikes).
  7. Sounds good; put a sticker over it and make it look like it's just a bling thing.

    Make sure this is indeed not structural and does not put your safety at risk. If you ride like me, taking it easy, it won't matter so much (gotta get round to replacing those stuffed swing arm and steering head bearings, and that bloody bald tyre...!) but if like to go hard in corners....
  8. hmm seems to be repairable. i spoke to A1 road and race at arncliffe and he said it would cost about 250-300 to fix it. seems reasonable to me so i guess thats where its going.

    unless anyone else has any ideas?
  9. Find somewhere inconspicuous to drill and tap the frame to take a schraeder valve, apply the air line at your local servo and voila! Dents blown out in no time :wink: .

    For a useful (though costly) weight saving, inflate the frame with helium instead of compressed air :LOL: .

    Disclaimer: This post is not to be taken seriously.
  10. Yeah mate, take it to a dodgy car mech who does blue slips. They pass anything half the time.
  11. Kind of a related topic,

    will i have the same problem with a dented tank, it's only an indent of about a cm with a diametre of maybe 5 or 6 cm's and hasn't punctured or anything, it's just the outer casing.

    hoping i wont have to replace that before i resell my 250 :?

  12. Dented fuel tank shouldn't be a problem, in fact it's pretty much a pre-requisite of any 2nd hand 250 :p.
  13. Dented tank's fine, not a RWC thing.

    Jaeyon, the simple fact is that frames are structural members, if one of those falls to bits you're in a spot of trouble. Metal, once it's been bent, can fail to support the forces it's been designed for. If you got that bike reeeeal cheap, this is why mate!

    So your options are:
    1) New frame. Big job unless you're a bit of a dab hand with the ol' schpannerz.
    2) Track bike. Because there's no blue slip requirement for racebikes, you can ride it at the track without any issues. Your dents don't look so bad that the bike would fall to bits under tracktime stress.
    3) Go the bodge - get somebody both talented and highly dodgy to bog up and repaint the frame, and then hope the blue slip assessor doesn't notice it. Then again, the assessors have surely seen all the tricks.

    I know one netrider (who shall not be named) that rides around furiously and pulls bulk wheelies all over the place on a bike with the most bodgily repaired frame in all of christendom. But the frame damage happened after he got his RWC.
  14. :grin:

    Yeah, result of one of the most dumbass drops you've every seen. Anyway i wont be selling for a while so a dint in the tank might be the least of my probs by that stage, lol.

    Thanks for the info
  15. I believe that the frame will pass NSW AUVIS (esp if the AUVIS is a car workshop - you would be foolish to get a bike shop who does blueslips to look at it), the problem may come later if when you go to register it, the RTA directs you to have VIIU look at it, and the fact it's <10yrs old there is a good chance they will want to have the VIIU look at it. The VIIU may say it has not been repaired properly/at all, and then you will have to repair it before it can be registered.

    I don't think the VIIU would fail it though, but ask Tex (he is an AUVIS and a good bloke who will help you not fcuk you) about getting it inspected and passed.
  16. If that was my bike, even if by some amazing feat it passed an inspection, I wouldn't ride it long.
    That is a tempered aluminium C or box section, it has a lot of stresses in it around that damage now. I see a small crease at the top, it will eventually start cracking and fail.
    Get it repaired properly (not bogged, heated and pulled/beaten out), or you'll forever be worrying about it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Take it to Laurie Alderton in Seven Hills. He specialises in frame straightening and does a superb job. It isn't necessarily cheap though. You will need to strip the bike back to a rolling chassis. You can leave the gearbox and engine in though.

    I bought my Aprilia as a repairable right off. Cost me $1000 to sort the frame for true. I did most of the dissasembly and reasembly myself which saved a lot of money. I would never consider a cheap or bodgy fix on the most structural part of your machine.

    Tip: get a list from the RTA as to what made the bike a write off. Also make sure you keep receipts for all the parts and work done as they do at times ask for it if you need a VIS.
  18. Frame

    It is repairable if you can find a panel shop that has an aluminum dent puller, all of them will have units that pull out steel but not all can pull aluminum.

    It spot welds to the dent and then pulls back, repeated several times, it is used on cars with hail damage.

    Or you could just fill it and paint the frame.
  19. Re: Frame

    Yes because that couldn't possibly cause any problems with Al alloy :roll:
  20. Re: Frame

    please explain