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Dent in frame. Please help.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Viator, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm feeling pretty sheepish at the moment so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

    I've just gone an impulse bought a bike, and I'm only just now figuring out why it was priced so cheaply. I've discovered a dent in the frame and I'm worried that it may cause me trouble renewing my rego in a few months.

    You can see the dent in the frame is just about the scratched part of the fairing. Hope the pic is sized ok.

    If anyone could provide feedback on whether or not this could be a problem in getting rego or a road worthy, please do so. I'm stressing out here.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Why would it be a hassle renewing your rego? Surely the bike is registered in your name now? Its just a matter of paying it when renewal is due, no inspection is necessary.
  3. err, the OP is in sydney, QQQ; any vehicle over 5 (?) years old from new requires a road-worthy for annual registration in NSW.

    and I don't like the look of that dent, there's been pics posted here of bikes with similar damage that have been written off. I'd be checking the REVS, history of the bike etc, and getting an engineer's inspection right now, rather than waiting for rego time.
  4. really can't tell much, what sort of bike is it?
    take a pic of it further away etc.
    More detailsplease
  5. REVS is fine, and the bike has rego which will soon be transferred to my name.

    The dent doesn't seem too nasty but I've just heard stories about bike's not being passed for rego if they any type of frame damage whatsoever. The dent feels like it's about 1mm deep and it's about 4cm long in total.

    I'm pretty sure that whatever problems the bike has I have to live with now because it's all been paid for. I know I've taken a bit of a gamble my not thoroughly checking the bike's condition, but all the paper work, ownership, rego, revs status etc is fine. Here's a shot a bit further away. If you draw a line with your eyes down from the 'd' on the 'Honda' label, you'll see the dent.

    Edit: It's a 97built CBR900RR

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  6. All you have to do is bash the same dent in the other side of the frame, and then it will look like its supposed to be there?
  7. All else fails, black paint can hide alot of stuff ;)
  8. lol... black paint and bog. Ahahaha.
  9. I'd say you'd be fine in Vic, because your dent is smaller and subtler than mine and I had no probs last time, but if you have trouble in NSW I'd like to know about since I'll be rego'ing up here next!
  10. Thanks Darkhorse,

    Apparently the bike has been through the pink slip process once before with the dent and nothing was mentioned about it. Maybe I need to go to someone to get a report saying that the dent wont cause any structural weakness, because although I'm no engineer, I don't think the dent would be that detrimental.

    I'm just worried that when I get my pink slip I might have some hard arse mechanic tell me that my bike is a menace to society because the frame has a mark on it.

    Time will tell I guess.
  11. find a good / dodgy mechanic, beer, bribe, etc?
  12. I know of a good mechanic in Sydney that does MC pink slips, he is also a NR, PM me if you want his details.
  13. From what I can see in that 2nd pic, is yes it's a dent and a dent only.
    If it was dented with a crease involved then yes it would have possibility of some structural weakening.

    Personally if it was me, I wouldn't be loosing any sleep over it.
  14. Go to a car tyre place that does pink slips. For the money they get, they don't care enough to have a real good look at a bike. Most of the time they get you to run through all the switched because they don't know which way is up.
  15. +1 all... it's not going to comprimise the integrity of the frame, just don't draw attention to it and fix that damn fairing! :LOL:
  16. Agreed - just gotta find an easy-going inspector and you'll be fine. Otherwise, hide with some sort of 'aesthetic' mod.

    If the inspector fails the bike on this, do they report it, or can you just walk away and get an inspection elsewhere? If the latter, you're fine. Go back to enjoying the fact of your new purchase.
  17. Just thought I'd take a moment to say thanks to everyone for their feedback. I do feel more at ease now.

    Time to move onto fixing that oil leak of mine.

  18. ive been told by tried criminals (no not for insurance fraud) that if u dent the frame , get it comp insured, u can get a write off now coz repairable write offs dont exist anymore so you can get an insurance payout...

    when my bike hits 50 0000 km i might have to take to it with a lamp post...
  19. I wouldn't worry about it structurally, but it may cause a massive headache if someone fails it for rego because if they do, you can't just go to another tester. I would bog it up and cover it with a sticker or similar.
  20. cover it with a sticker