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Dense living a rising problem for car owners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snuff3r, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Methinks someone is jealous. Sitting in their car in heavy traffic watching us all merrily sail past in a cloud of smiles and happiness. ;)
  2. Scooter sales apparently went up 30% last month in Brisbane. Its just a matter of time before more people see the light and come across to the 2 wheel side of life lol.
  3. Probably because it didn't rain last month.

    Bit like the way sales of large 4wds and V8s go up everytime the price of fuel drops slightly. There's a lot of people buying vehicles as impulse purchases.
  4. I'd love to impulse purchase a few new bikes.

    Except, you know.. wife.
  5. That doesn't stop you buying, only from keeping :LOL:.
  6. smaller city cars just means you can stack park them in traffic on the freeway.

    "The North American states of California and Nevada have granted exemptions to driverless cars so the systems can be tested on public roads"

    yeah no thanks.
  7. Taking news.com.au comments and or articles seriously, is like taking public bathroom wall scribblings seriously, the later has more integrity and truth.
  8. robot voice
    sooorrrryyy maaaaaaate iiii diiiiidddnntt seeeee yoooo
  9. ..........

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  10. Fark me there are some 'tards around.
  11. Someone should award that person a gold star, this is obviously their first time attempting to troll like the big boys.
  12. It's SMH. I don't think i've ever been to news.com.au ;p
  13. Impulse Sell the wife ;)
  14. I'm quite amused that people would rather trust human drivers to not hit them than a computer with radar. Also amused that these people would probably step on a plane (or even just use internet banking) without a second thought.
  15. I value my testicles where they are, thanks ;)
  16. Market forces dictate that other market players can value them more highly somewhere else.
  17. yea, in her handbag by the sounds of it. :)
  18. I dont trust anyone not to hit me electronic or human. Yeah but people don't service their own planes and there's a couple if highly trained pilots behind their computer along with a lot less traffic up there. If all cars were computer controlled it could help freeway kaos but I think the technology isn't quite there to let them loose on public roads yet...... for one they'll need a hard wired off switch not like the current start/stop buttons which can choose not to listen.
  19. Ouch. You got me there.