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Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood. Remember Easyrider?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by G, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I hope this thread is in the correct location.

    I noticed a TV advertisement for this recently. Dennis Hopper was involved with Peter Fonda in the movie Easyrider during the 60's. He is quite a multimedia artist.
    Looks as though they brought either the original or a copy of the motorcycle from the movie: http://www.acmi.net.au/news_gallery.htm#id=hopperlaunch&num=7

    Will definitely be checking this exhibition out!
  2. Hopefully I'll be seeing this tomorrow.

    The Captain America bike there is probably a repro, they had four bikes for the movie (a pair of spares). Three were stolen and probably chopped up. One was destroyed for the final scene, and was rebuilt. That one was sold to a collector, but there have been several reproductions made.
  3. cool stuff. I think I have watched easy rider 3 times this month. The best bike movie of all time along with any given sunday
  4. any given sunday

    On Any Sunday :wink:.
  5. nah I mean the NFL comeback movie. Its inspirational and I am pretty sure there is a bike in there in the background at some stage 8-[
  6. of course there is :LOL:
  7. You guys rock, downloading both now.. (How did i not know about these films? hmmmm.)
  8. I made it in the other day and bought myself a season ticket. (It's early days, I'll be dropping back)
    It was fascinating. I heard the boom of Ice T towards the end of the exhibition. Somehow, through the haze I seem to have forgotten that DH directed Colors :cool:.
  9. I saw this yesterday, I enjoyed it too.

    A couple points: this exhibition contains very little that actually relates to motorbikes - just in case someone on NR got excited by the chopper exhibit.

    And, the Captain America bike is a replica, courtesy of Harley City, Brunswick. You don't have to pay the $17 entry fee to see it either, just go down the escalator at ACMI.