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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, May 19, 2009.

  1. Can anyone give me a demonoid invitation? There's some files on there I really need to get a hold of.

    Many thinks guys :)

  2. I can give you Torrent Leech if that helps?
  3. It's a start. Thanks Marcus. Just shoot me a pm. I still could use the demonoid one though. :)
  4. :( Does TL purge you if you don't login for a month or something?

    It doesn't even seem to know me anymore...
  5. Yes I think it does.

    Dougy, PM sent bud.
  6. I'll shoot you a demonoid invite tonight if I remember. My a/c should still be active.
  7. I'd love a private tracker invite if anyone has one...
  8. Dougz, I can always dl the files you need and you can grab them off my ftp if need be.

    pm sent.
  9. Done
    Check your PM
  10. Thanks guys - awesome! :)
  11. Was that a demonoid that smee sent you?
  12. apparently, but it didn't work :(
  13. OK all sorted now. Thanks Morbo :)
  14. nobody loves me :(
  15. Poor TCShadow, do you need some man love?
  16. Seems like when I generated an invite demonoid scrambled the code and it didn't work for Dougz
    sorry about that mate :(
  17. Did you get one yet doogz? If not, ill pm you me username and password.
  18. umm whats a demonoid?
  19. The worst possible kind of hemorrhoid.

    yeah it's sorted.
  20. how do these private torrent tracker things work? do you need to maintain a certain ratio to keep membership? or once your in, its all just dandy?