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Demonic squirrel

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by SilverFox, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. A search suggested this hadn't been posted before, so if you have 5 minutes, please check out this highly amusing motorcycling story:



    Instantly he set upon me. If I did not know better I would have sworn he brought twenty of his little buddies along for the attack. Snarling, hissing, and tearing at my clothes, he was a frenzy of activity. As I was dressed only in a light t-shirt, summer riding gloves, and jeans this was a bit of a cause for concern. This furry little tornado was doing some damage!

    Picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and leather gloves puttering maybe 25mph down a quiet residential street…and in the fight of his life with a squirrel. And losing.

  2. That's just about the best funny motorbike story I've read :)
  3. I just love:

    STILL laughing!!!!
  4. hahahhaha :LOL:
  5. haha good story :LOL:
  6. :LOL: I'm still laughing at that bit (not really sure why).
  7. HAHAHA, that is one of the funniest stories i had read in awhile, i even think alittle bit of wee came out!!
  8. What a Classic - good mental imagery whilst reading :D
    Now - if it had been a Brush-tail Possum :shock:
  9. The bloke who wrote that article wrote a book about his motorcycling adventures.

    Haven't read the book, but from what I heard, unfortunately it's not as funny as the squirrel incident.
  10. ^^ :shock: :? (at joshs post)

    damn funny story. everyone better watch out for the roos. the weigh ALOT more that squirrels do and can probably jump twice as high :shock: :LOL: :p
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I ahven't read anything that funny for ages. Boody good.
  12. what a cracker. I love Squirrels theyre sooo cute. Pretty small compared to old poss. Ran over a poss a few months ago. My daughter was on the back and she was so upset with me. Poss wee and blood was sprayed all over my ( luckily red ) fairing and feet. Got a pigeon week after that . still havent lived it down. :oops: