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Demo Motorcycle Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Finite, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was hoping you could help settle an argument for myself and a friend. We were talking about helmets and I mentioned if you drop them or they roll off your bike you are "supposed" replace them because even that can ruin their integrity. That got onto the topic of demo helmets (the ones you try on in the store).

    Wouldn't the likelihood of one of these being dropped very high? What happens to them? Do the store sell these helmets at a cheaper price or something? Even then i cant imagine that being legal?

    Cheers in advance.

  2. You can drop them as much as you like. Just don't drop them with your head in them.
  3. Not really, the times I've been in a bike shop I've never heard a demo helmet hit the floor, and helmets do make a distinctive noise when you drop 'em.

    The helmets that do see a lot of action are motorbike courier helmets. That's where a helmet really gets put through hell, you've only got to look at one up close to see they get banged around. If they replaced their helmets everytime they dropped one.......

    Are they any good in an accident after all of that abuse? Well plenty of couriers have crashed in them also and are still around to tell the tail.
  4. Ah, but how coherent is their tale-telling? :p
  5. No less coherent than before the acccidents =p
  6. There were a couple of them that could tell some rippers...

    ...and then there were a couple of them who really didn't need to be banged on the head anymore.
  7. i've seen people drop them on concrete floors in the bigger discount outlets, when trying them on, unnattended by a salesmen....and the just put them back on the shelf and sneak away..

    you are supposed to replace them after a drop and cut the chin straps off....i've replaced two that way...both were hard drops on concrete...i am pathetic...the first one was expensive and it took me about a week to bring myself to binning it...but see, everytime i rode with it, after dropping it, i had it in the back of my mind that it might not protect me worst case scenario....i think it's 70% motorycle fatalities are head injury cause of death....so you want your helmet in safe working order for the best odds.
  8. As I know ones you drop it, the internal shell crack or become weak and it can effect the protection performance.

    What they doing with those who know, but resale as cheaper price can be possible if you willing to buy it.

  9. I guess thats my point. It came up because I was at a motorcycle store and a girl came in to the counter with her helmet and said she had dropped it. The guy said she should replace it (going for a sale probably).

    But surely they cant sell helmets which have been handled after claiming this? Would be good to know from someone who works at a motorcycle store.
  10. i think the 'official' reply would be they disgarded it, not for sale.

    i remember reading of an accident in Melbourne once where the motorcyclists helmet was propping up two tonnes of overturned car, him still in it...
    ...think if it was me lying there i'd not want to wearing a helmet that was internally damaged prior.
    honestly though i knock and bump them and scratch them a little , but still keep them...i guess you just have to decide how bad a hit the helmet took...one of the ones i binned though, i'd dropped from a two story balcony and it bounced down a steep concrete driveway...the good news is i did'nt drop the glass of beer in my other hand haha...but it was safe to assume that helmet had to be re-placed.

  11. Bajezuz man seriously. Do you trust salespeople to do the right thing? Do you want some kind of guarantee is this what it's all about?

    Then only buy a helmet that comes from the store room in a sealed box, or you'll just never know.

    As to whether dropping a helmet renders it useless or dangerous in the event of an accident, there are two distinct sides to the argument, of which at the end of the day YOU will have to decide for yourself.
  12. I am so paranoid about dropping mine, anything much more than a couple of feet onto something like concrete would be enough for me to bin it. Quite simply not worth the risk.

    I wouldn't buy a demo helmet personally.
  13. Watch this. It's a guy from Arai, at about the 7 minute mark he talks about dropping a helmet.

    Basically says for relatively small drops as long as your head isn't inside it the helmet should be fine.
  14. no not at all i always buy my helmets new, was just curious if the shops still sell demos is all.

    Thanks for all the responses.
  15. mate, all the helmets are just sitting on an open shelf for anyone to try on. As such they are all demos.

  16. u just lost the argument..

    u can drop them all u like, u wont damage the structure of it, if u are wearing the helmet and u drop yourself and hit your head, then its stuffed..

    Call a helmet maker and u will get the same answer if u dont believe it.
  17. Depends a bit on what its made of.
  18. if it cant survive a drop to the floor, I dont care what its made of.
  19. This thread got me interested as I've dropped my Shoei a few times. This is straight from the local distributor:

    "If the helmet had nothing inside then it should be OK - the shell will easily take a hit from 2-3 feet if it is empty. Our Australian Standard helmet shells are far stronger than overseas helmets, so if there is no visible damage to the outside of the shell, and there was nothing inside the helmet to compress the EPS then it should be fine. Shoei EPS foam liners are painted black, so if they do receive an impact, the paint will crack where the EPS has been compressed. If you see any visible cracking of the black paint inside the helmet or damage to the outside of the shell, then the helmet should be immediately replaced. "

    When buying from a shop, there is no way you can gaurantee that the helmet has not been dropped, even if the helmet is not sitting on the display rack !! Instead just check the outside and inside of the helmet for any sign of damage.
  20. :WStupid:

    Excellent post, thankyou.