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Demerit Points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bass_player, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Good afternoon all,

    I'm booked in for the advanced rider safe course this weekend and was wondering what the deal is with demerit points for R-Date licence holders. Assuming I pass, i will be off my L's. As I have a full car licence I am not required to display P plates. Am I still restricted to 4 demerit points on the bike or is it 12 like the car? Also the blood alcohol limit? 0.00 or 0.05?

    Cheers for the help :)

  2. Assuming it's the same for us Mexican's, yes you will still be restricted which would mean 0.0 BAC, no pillions, and it may mean limited demerit points. That's an interesting one actually... as you could keep on driving after you had gone past your limit of points as a restricted rider. Weird.
  3. yer you'll be restricted to whatever the P plate restrictions are in your state, however, you can lose all your bike license points and continue to drive, though if you lose your car license, you cannot ride.
  4. We really need someone from South Aust to answer this one as the rules are different in each state.
  5. I went through this process in SA - did my P's test but with full car licence went onto restrictions(R-date) with no P plate. My understanding was(and those that know me will attest to me sweating these things) that if you weren't on P's then you were on a full open licence for all purposes except engine capacity. That meant 0.05BAC and 12 points total.

    In addition to this, when we passed the level 2 test, the instructors brought us back into the classroom and stated all of the rules associated with an R-date ie. capacity restrictions etc. They made no mention of any restrictions associated with a "P" plate. Also, none of the drivers hadbooks and webpages mentioning R-date say anything about P plate restrictions applying to R-date.

    I was sure enough to not worry about it. If you are still unsure though, ring transport SA.
  6. If that's the case gegvasco, then SA rules are significantly different to VIC. Here we are still bound for 12 months to 260cc, 0.00BAC and no pillion.

    However, it is my belief that you still have the full 12 points for your license. The bike license, although it has conditions, is just added to your car license. Therefore I believe the are one and the same in that regard, and that single license has a 12 point limit, not a 4 or 5 point limit as applies to a probationary license.

    They're not bike 'P's at all, although many people do call them that. It is merely a set of restrictions on what is otherwise a full license.

    That's my understanding, anyway. :?
  7. Ok just phoned transport sa and they said that (providing I pass on Sunday) I am under the same conditions as my full car licence except for:

    Restricted to a LAMS approved bike for 12 months

    No pillion for 12 months

    Everything else is the same as car licence (12 demerit points BAC of 0.05)

    Means I can have a beer after work and not be paranoid on the way home :grin: