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NSW Demerit points scheme?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Brento, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Possibly the wrong area/been covered before but I just need to clear something up. I have my bike L's and my car Green P's. I hold 4 for the L's and 7 for P2. My query is with the 2 different demerit points are they separate or combined together, cause I lost 3 demerit points on my bike L's on sat and was just wondering if my DRIVING points will remain clean.

  2. I don't know, but I very much doubt it. I'd say if you lose one more, they'll pull your bike endorsement, and if you lose four they'll take the whole lot.
  3. That doesn't sound good haha
  4. Points are accrued on both for each offence, but you have to lose 4 on the bike to get your Ls suspended.

    Lose 7 on anything, though, and it's all over red rover.
  5. The lower class is only affected by points incurred whilst using the lower class.
    But those points also affect the upper class.
  6. Not a fan of this system at all, so do I have 11 points minus 3 so i have 8 left? So if i get done in the car for speeding or something and lose 4 points I'd have 4 remaining?
  7. No, you start with 0 points. Your "limits" are 4 on the bike, and 7 in the car, otherwise it's all the same license.
    So, having attracted 3 points on your bike, your license now has 3 points on it.
    One more point on your bike and you're not riding for a while, but can still drive. Your license would then have 4 points on it.
    Alternatively, one more point in your car and your license still has 4 points on it, but you can still drive and ride.

    And just to complete the scenario: if after either alternative you incur a further 3 points in any manner, you're on the bus for a while...

    It's really quite simple :D
  8. also, 3 points in the car puts you on 6, BUT YOU CAN STILL RIDE, because you've only accrued 3 whilst on the bike
  9. Unless you got 3 points for speeding, in which case the nice folks at the RTA will round it up to 4 in order to suspend your bike license for 3 months anyway...
  10. From this I've concluded that I'm screwed haha, oh well. Need to get around to getting my bike p's and ride/drive within the laws ie. no more filtering I guess.
  11. What if Im caught speeding on my bitk L's or P's, and have a full Gold car license with 0 points gained.

    Do I loose both for 3 months or can I still drive?

  12. not terribly difficult...
  13. no I think you got what im asking a little confused

    If you accumulate the following points you will be suspended from driving for a minimum of 3 months. Depending on how many points over the 12 points you have.
    Holders of a learner or a provisional licence will receive a minimum of 4 demerit points for any speeding offence. This means that both learners and provisional P1 licence holders will have their licence suspended or refused for at least three months for any speeding offence. A fine is also payable.

    See when they suspend an L or P1 driver, Who has either a unrestricted car , or unrestricted bike license to they take both away from you or just the L or P plate one?
    (if you have not exceeded the points for the unrestricted license)
  14. I am of the understanding that if you are on your Ps or Ls regardless of car licence and are caught speeding bye bye bike licence for 3 months.